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    17 Toys That Only '80s Kids Will Truly Remember

    How many of these toys do you recognize?

    1. Masters of the Universe Evil Horde Slime Pit

    2. Sy Snootles and the Rebo Band

    3. My Buddy

    4. Kid Sister

    5. Lazer Tag

    6. Mumm-Ra from Thunder Cats

    7. V action figure

    8. Dune Sandworm

    9. Dune Feyd action figure

    10. Rainbow Brite

    11. Optimus Prime of The Transformers

    12. Mask — Rhino Tractor Rig/Mobile Defense Unit

    13. Teddy Ruxpin

    14. Dwork of the Boglins

    15. Secret Wars Tower of Doom

    16. Cabbage Patch Kids

    17. And finally, Garbage Pail Kids