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    Hey Doc, 8 Apps You and Your Patients Should Use Together

    There are over 13,000 mobile health apps. How do we know which ones can benefit our lives and improve communication with doctors and their patients? Experiment. Tap into apps and see if we can affect our behavior toward a better health outcome. It might even be some fun.

    1. My Medical ($2.99) / Via

    Start by being organized. This app allows patients to manage their medical conditions by maintaining better records including recent doctor visits, labs, X-rays and medical procedures. Patients can keep track of their records, family members and loved ones, which is helpful for parents and caregivers – and doctors.

    2. Pillboxie Pill Reminder ($.99) / Via

    Clearly, people have trouble remembering to take their medication whether it’s a daily multivitamin or a medication for treatment of a chronic condition. This app could save a life by simply reminding the patient to take their medicine.

    Pillboxie is easy because it lets you *visually* manage your meds. Scheduling a reminder is as easy as dropping a pill into a pillbox.

    3. Meal Snap ($2.99) / Via

    What if you could snap a photo of your meal and automatically know how many calories of food were on your plate? This app does that. Could calorie counting get any easier? You can also share what you’re eating with others to build a network of social accountability. Maybe someone will call you out the next time you snap a photo of a beautifully plated chicken and waffles.

    4. White Noise (FREE) / Via

    Studies say that most of us aren’t getting enough sleep and many of your peers suggest that certain health issues could be managed by meditation instead of medication. But how do you get the rest or take the time out? The white noise app drowns out distracting sounds so that you can relax or sleep. Sleep or meditate instead of medicate? I like the sound of that.

    5. MapMyRun (FREE) / Via

    Sure, our doctor can tell us we need to run more or walk more steps within a day. Using MapMyRun allows users to share their paths, results, and goals with their friends (and you, Doc).

    It's free, use it as a self goal to walk a little more during the week.

    6. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock ($.99) / Via

    What does an alarm clock have to do with health and wellness? When you wake up at your lightest sleep phase, you are more likely to awake renewed and on the 'right side of the bed'.

    The wellness benefits to a sound night sleep are endless: you're less likely to suffer from depression, less likely to be obese, more likely to get more things done throughout the day, and studies have shown you are even less likely to have diabetes.

    7. Allayo (FREE) / Via

    Imagine squeezing in reminders for setting up family doctor visits and refill prescriptions during your busy day. And you still need to squeeze in your health care.

    The Allayo Virtual Health Assistant “Allie” helps you with health care for the whole family.

    This app is the Jetsons of health care being an organizational tool for your entire family.

    Hey Doc, when your patients use an app like Allayo, they're more apt to following through and remembering the appointments they book months in advance.

    8. Fooducate (FREE) / Via

    We've all been there. Grocery shopping on an empty stomach usually means more high-calorie items in the basket.

    This app allows you to scan a product's barcode to see what’s really in your food and offer you healthier alternatives.

    Nutritionists, instead of telling your patients to eat more greens and fruits, set them out on a healthy food scavenger hunt using this app to test the knowledge that you've taught them.

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