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    7 Reasons You Need Health Insurance #GetCoveredNow

    The clock is ticking. We all think we’re invincible but let’s face it, we’re not. Accidents happen, we take risks, and many of us eat a bunch of junk. The deadline to enroll for coverage through is March 31st. Have health insurance on your side. WHY?

    1. People Are Gross / Via

    You were enjoying the water-cooler talk until your co-worker sneezed on the tiny water cups and walked away.

    You have dreams of a fantastic spring break until the guy next to you on the plane hacks the whole flight.

    Naturally, you go in an all-out panic mode of ‘I CANNOT GET SICK’ while waving around some sort of smell good Febreeze and dousing yourself in hand sanitizer.

    Calm down. You’d be more at ease if you had health insurance.

    2. Accidents Happen / Via

    No one deserves a fate like Regina George's, but the chances of an ‘accident’ happening are high.

    We don’t know when we’ll sprain our ankle, fall down the stairs, or burn our hand while learning to make something healthier than mac-n-cheese.

    Accidents happen, and you should be covered.

    3. That Half Marathon You're Thinking About Running / Via

    Running and jogging puts a great deal of stress on your back and knees.

    The constant pounding against a hard surface can jar and possibly compress structures, such as vertebrae and joints.

    4. Fourth Meal is Your Favorite Meal / Via

    Junk food. It's easy, it's available, it's cheap. But the difference between drive-thru food and farmers’ market fresh is showing up in our bodies. If Americans continue to eat the way we do now, over 50% of us will be obese by 2018.

    The majority of healthcare spending is generated from treating obesity-related diseases like diabetes. People with healthcare coverage are more likely to not only spend their money on healthier food, but also visit doctors and nutritionists when they need help.

    5. A Perfect Smile is Important to You / Via

    Want those pearly whites to make a good first impression for you? Better get dental insurance while you're at it.

    6. There's Some Injuries You Don't Want Mom to Know About / Via

    Let's be honest: sometimes we just want the doctor to know what's up with our bodies.

    And that’s okay, but if you don’t have health insurance, a trip to the doctor’s office can start out in the hundreds of dollars. And do you want to explain that to mom?

    7. You Like Peace of Mind / Via

    Sometimes you just want to know that everything is okay. And seeing the right doctor for what ails ya, is like getting a medical fistbump.

    The healthcare industry calls that a ‘check up visit’ and guess what? Those are covered. But only if you are.

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