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    4 Ways To Be Social Beyond Social Media

    Imagine for a moment that when you heard the word "social" you immediately didn't think of "media" afterwards. Sure, social media is an important part of being social. You're able to share photos of what you love, what you're doing, and what's currently trending, but what if you brought social beyond social media... ya know, like in real life conversations. Here are 4 ways to be social beyond social media.

    1. Extend conversations beyond Twitter to coffee. / Via Google

    One of the biggest ways we can get social beyond social media is by inviting someone to a cup of coffee that you regularly tweet to.

    Ya know, that role model you favorite and engage with constantly online?

    By bringing the conversation beyond 140 characters to a second cup of coffee, you'll learn more about yourself and the follower you decide to coffee with.

    2. Do something in the real world for someone other than yourself.

    Via Google

    You've heard the phrase "random acts of kindness" before but have you ever completed one?

    Purchase an extra cup of coffee or meal and give it to someone in need on the streets. Set aside an hour a week giving back at a local nonprofit organization.

    Sure, you can tweet, blog, post, snap a photo about it, but make sure you're engaging in conversations with the recipients of your kindness. Listen to their stories. It'll inspire you.

    3. Check-in, then put your device down.

    Via Google

    Sometimes when we get together with our friends, family, or coworkers we find ourselves deep in the pits of our phone.

    When you get to your destination, check-in on Yelp and then put your phone away.

    Being present with your surroundings will be much more satisfying than scrolling through your Twitter feed constantly.

    4. Find a story and go tell it. / Via FRIENDS

    What inspires you? Go tell that story. Have a few friends over or go to your favorite bar / coffee shop.

    We're sure your story will inspire someone else you know.

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