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    • BigEyedFish

      Rand Paul 2016! You are a complete dumbass if you think that Rand Paul is not a suitable presidential candidate. Ted Cruz is in the same ballpark as Rand but he is too radical when it comes to issues such as federal spending. A 21 hour filibuster? What did it accomplish besides more government failures. House Republicans are stubborn and some are turncoats as well. Career politicans need to get the hell out of Washington and let the elected officials that swore an oath to the Constitution do their jobs. Also, there needs to be more libertarian values instilled in Congress. People such as Ron Paul fought for freedoms that we as Americans take for granted in this day and age. Everything about Washington needs to be changed from the Legislative to the Excutive branch. It seems as though a majority of Americans will believe what they hear on CNN and Fox News. The minority needs to make a stand and vote responsibly. Gov. Christie is a scumbag Obama cocksucker and Hiliary Clinton? You have got to be joking. Does anyone even care about Benghazi anymore? Paul Ryan seems like a patsy and would do anything to go with the flow when it comes to special interests and government bureaucracy. I would go on, but you get my point. Open your eyes and realize REAL LIES.

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