Big Brother’s Biggest Blow-Ups

If you stick enough intense personalities in one house, crazy things are bound to happen. This formula has been working for Big Brother for over a decade and now Slice’s Big Brother Canada houseguests will continue the tradition. Power of Veto Tonight at 9et/pt, only on Slice

1. The Toothbrush

In Big Brother 2, when Hardy nominated Shannon for eviction, Shannon decided to do a little house cleaning with Hardy’s toothbrush.

2. Russell Versus Chima

In Season 11, Chima, the writer, held her own against the mixed martial arts fighter.

3. Janelle Versus Beau

In Big Brother 6, Janelle landed a blow on Beau.

4. The Fainting Episode

In Season 9, Amanda’s housemates thought she was seeking attention, but she was actually having a hypoglycemic reaction after eating the slop.

5. Spit In The Face

In Big Brother 9 UK, housemate Dennis lost his temper, spit in Darnell’s face, and got booted from the house.

6. The Rude Awakening

Dick lived up to his name with his alarm clock routine in Season 8.

7. The Not-So-Secret Secret Sex Fort

Big Brother houseguests have figured out that you have to be creative if you want to be intimate. In the fifth season of British Big Brother, Michelle and Stuart created this incredibly romantic table fort where they could safely have sex in front of millions of people.

8. April and Ollie’s Not-At-All-Secret Sex

In Season 10, April and Ollie shrugged off the cameras and went to town.

9. The Endurance Challenge

In Big Brother 8, Danielle nearly developed hypothermia during an epic endurance challenge.

10. Twin Swap

Season 5 was full of twists. The biggest twist was when Adria and Natalie revealed they had been switching places the entire season.

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