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16 Tattoos That Are The Worst Of The Worst

These tattoos makes you wonder: were these people drunk, or just stupid?

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1. For the guy who wanted to show his team spirit.

2. For this mom who wanted to commemorate her daughter's birth.

3. Not horrible, but not great...

4. Because who hasn't been sexually attracted to the Pillsbury Doughboy?


5. New parents always do this.

6. And this...

7. And this?...

8. Not as bad, but still pretty bad.


9. Great circle...

10. Classy...

11. A cougar! No, a dog! No, a cougar!


12. Honey Cocaine. That is all.


13. A great memoriam.

14. Because trolls will always be cool.

15. Now you will never grow old, Sheleen.

16. You'll only live once, so get a tattoo that will last forever.

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