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Who Is The Best "Next Justin Bieber"?!

Seems like everybody with a squeaky voice and a goofy haircut wants to be the next Justin Bieber. Here are some of the top contenders. Who do you think is the best?

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  • 1. Cody Simpson

    The Australian Bieber!

  • 2. Graham Stookey

    Graham Stookey asks the question: "If Bieber can get famous, why can't I?"

  • 3. Daniel Grest

    He's got the haircut for it, I guess.

  • 4. Johnny Hammer

    Christian Justin Bieber! Amazing.

  • 5. Greyson Chance

    Probably the most famous of the bunch. But his songs don't seem to be getting a whole lot better.

  • 6. Vicus

    The South African "next Justin Bieber".