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Don’t Take This Quiz Unless You Love Pennsylvania

Show some Pennsylvania pride and vote! Visit to make your voting plan for this election.

  1. Correct! 

    White-tailed deer

    The white-tailed deer is the state animal of Pennsylvania. They are common in PA forests, and are pretty darn cute!

  2. Correct! 


    Scrapple is a dish consisting of pork trimmings and cornmeal. It's usually sliced and fried for a tasty addition to any meal. If you like pork, you'll LOVE scrapple!

  3. Correct! 

    James Buchanan

    James Buchanan served as our 15th president and was the only president from Pennsylvania.

  4. Correct! 


    Salty is not a beloved PA mascot. We made that up! Swoop cheers on the Philadelphia Eagles, Gritty supports the Philadelphia Flyers, and Steely McBeam represents the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  5. Correct! 

    "Penn's Woods"

    The name Pennsylvania comes from "Penn" after Admiral William Penn, and "Sylvania" from the Latin word for "woods."

  6. Correct! 

    The Keystone State

    Pennsylvania is known as the Keystone State due to its key role in the founding of the United States.

  7. Correct! 


    While Philadelphia acted as the nation's capital from 1790 to 1800, you can't forget about Lancaster! On Sept. 27, 1777, Lancaster was the US capital, just for one day.

  8. Correct! 

    Oct. 19

    If you register online, you have until 11:59 p.m. And if you register in person or by mail, your deadline is 5 p.m. Make sure your voting registration is up to date and ready to go for the 2020 election!

  9. Correct! 

    All voters

    All voters are eligible to vote by mail!

  10. Correct! 

    True! You MUST put your mail-in ballot in a secrecy envelope to be counted.

    You gotta use that secrecy envelope! When you receive your mail-in ballot, you will get your ballot, a return envelope, and a very special secrecy envelope. You MUST put your ballot into the secrecy envelope, then into the return envelope, and sign the voter declaration on the back of the return envelope for your vote to be counted.

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Whether you're voting in person or by mail, check out to put together your voting plan for this election!