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14 People Who Need To Pay More Attention In Class

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1. The girl who was more focused on her morning routine rather than her first period English class.

Andrea Hickey / Buzzfeed

2. The kid who couldn't tell you what day their math homework was due, but definitely knows their vacation plans.

Courtesy of Stephanie Freeman / Via Instagram: @stephaniemo10

3. The dude who heard "draw a dragon" instead of "parabola."

4. The kid who misinterpreted the prompt, "Please define Albert Camus' The Stranger."

5. The pupil who misread the instructions, "Illustrate the Battle of the Bulge."

John Urquhart / Buzzfeed / Via

6. The scheduler who focused on staying positive.

Courtesy of Stephanie Freeman / Via Instagram: @stephaniemo10

7. The estudiante who refused the art of translation in their Spanish class.

Courtesy of Alex Budman / Via Instagram: @albudman

8. This peer who had an interesting response to Sartre's philosophy of existentialism.

Kristin Rossi / Buzzfeed

9. The learner who got tired of the "old way" of note passing.

Courtesy of Laura Miller

10. The lady who had a problem with word problems.

John Urquhart / Buzzfeed / Via

11. The girl who nailed question 10 on her Psych 101 exam: "How does this make you feel?"

Cynthia Norrie / Buzzfeed

12. The philosopher who was all about the unknown.

Cynthia Norrie / Buzzfeed

13. The poor soul who only had three hours' worth of an attention span to give.

Tanner Ringerud / Buzzfeed

14. And the thinker who too literally saw herself in her work.

Annie Goodman / Buzzfeed