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13 Of The Most American Ways To Celebrate America This Summer

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1. Sign every piece of paper you see and, when someone questions you, say, "I'm declaring my independence."

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2. Replace every photo with the founding fathers.


3. And when someone tells you to do something, refuse because you're not a colony anymore.


4. Invite your British friends over. Before they arrive, run through the neighborhood and scream:

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You will be Paul Revered.

5. Only eat BBQ foods if there are charred stripes on them.


6. Salute all the American flags. ALL OF THEM!


No flag is too small.

7. Make sure your animal friends are dressed appropriately.

Peter Kazanjy (CC BY 2.0) / Via Flickr: kazanjy

8. And while you're at it, feed some bald eagles.

9. Better yet, become a bald eagle. / Via

Learn how to do it here.

10. When somebody "literally can't even," tell them: / Via

Follow up with "Never give up on your American dreams, kid."

11. If you have to tell a story about a family member, it better damn well be about "Uncle Sam."

12. Chant "U-S-A" every chance you get.


13. Make a "Party In America" playlist with "The Star-Spangled Banner" on repeat.

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