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The 10 Manliest Text Abbreviations

We live in a world of Internet abbreviations like "lol" and "omg", and none of it comes off very manly. Luckily, we've compiled a list of quick go-to abbreviations that you can use while keeping a little bit of your dignity.

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"Acronym Free Zone"

Getting overloaded with text messages and IMs full of incomprehensible acronyms? No problem, just declare your phone or chat window an "AFZ" and get on with your day. Don't worry about the inherent hypocrisy, sometimes you need to come down to their level to get them to understand you.

"Bloody Hell, I Must Be Getting Old"

Don't worry, we all feel this way sometimes, especially when we're trying to keep up in this fast-paced world of text messages on Internet abbreviations. Sometimes it's okay to take a step back and make it known that you're getting too old for this stuff.

"Cool Story Bro"

The ultimate biting response to a story that goes on a little too long. If you ever find yourself sitting through a tale that takes more than one text, replying with "CSB" should make it clear that your friends need to work on making things a little more pithy.

"Right Thing To Say, Dude"

Whether you're agreeing with the last thing he said to you, or you're backing him up in an argument, "RTTSD" is a great way to support your buddy using as few letters as possible.

"Love You Like A Bro"

Acronyms are the prefect way to express your love and respect without things getting too weird among bros. Telling a really good friend that they're like family doesn't have to be awkward.

"Big Man On Campus"

At some point, "BMOC" may have been used with sincere intents, but these days it's mostly used in a sarcastic sense. If a buddy is ever getting a little too full of himself, and is a little too proud of recent accomplishments, it's always a good idea to put him in his place by firing off a quick "BMOC."