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14 Games You Should Play With Your Whole Squad This Summer

Be the game master your friend group needs. Keep the party going this summer with BIC® Lighters.

1. I'm the Doctor / Via

What is it?: The sickest guessing game around

How to play it:

* One person is the doctor; the rest of the group plays patients

* The doctor leaves the room or covers his or her ears

* The group decides on an illness

* The doctor re-enters, and the patients try to "show" subtle symptoms

* The doctor has to figure out what illness they have

* Once the doctor guesses correctly — or gives up — they select the next doctor

For example:

You all have "Action Flick Fever!" Everyone will quote action films or talk like characters from the genre until the doctor correctly guesses.

2. The Winking Assassin

Netflix / Via http://icefoxn64.tumblr.com

What is it?: A game of whodunnit

How to play it:

* One person is made to be "the Godfather"

* Everyone in the town goes to sleep, and the Godfather taps one person on the shoulder to be the assassin

* Everyone in the town wakes up

* The assassin kills people by winking at them — but be subtle

* Once killed, that person slumps over

* If someone sees someone else wink, they point and say, "They're the killer"

* If the person is right, the game is over, and they become the Godfather

* If the person is wrong, they die, and the assassin stays at large

3. Salad Bowl

NBC / Via

What is it?: A category game of epic proportions (also known as Celebrity)

How to play it:

* Split up into two teams

* Each person gets five pieces of paper

* Each person writes a name of a well-known person on the paper

* Fold the paper and put each piece in a bowl

* One person goes and gets one minute to try to get their team to guess as many names as possible

* Once answered correctly, put the pieces in a smaller bowl, and once the bowl is empty, the round is over

* In the first round, you can say anything but the word; in the second round, you can use only one word to get them to guess; the third round is charades

4. The Human Jukebox

Warner Bros. / Via

What is it?: A sing-along association game for music lovers

How to play it:

* One person starts singing a song

* The person next to them has to connect it to another song using one of its lyrics

* It continues on until somebody messes up the lyrics or is stumped

For example:

* "Lend me your ears, and I'll sing you a song..."

* “...I bet you think this song is about you..."

* ", you, you oughta know!"

5. Fortunately/Unfortunately

Warner Bros. Television / Via

What is it?: Turning lemons into lemonade

How to play it:

* Someone starts by saying "Fortunately..." and a positive statement

* The next person says "Unfortunately..." and creates some negative from the first statement

* Move around the circle until someone stumbles

* If somebody stumbles, they get a strike (three strikes, and you’re out)

* Last man standing wins

For example:

* "Fortunately, this will be my first time seeing the Grand Canyon"

* "Unfortunately, it was invaded by Martians just last week"

* "Fortunately, I just finished my course in extraterrestrial communications"

6. The Movie Game


What is it?: A guessing game fit for the silver screen

How to play it:

* Someone starts with an actor or actress

* The next person says a movie that actor/actress was in

* The next person has to state another actor or actress from that movie

* It continues on

* If someone is wrong, they have to sit out the next round

7. Scrambled Numbers / Via

What is it?: A game of improvised counting

How to play it:

* At random, someone says the number one

* Another person follows at random with the next number

* You continue like this, trying to count to 20

* If two people say the same number at the same time, you start over

* If there is more than a five-second pause, you start over

8. Sorry I'm Late


What is it?: Turning tardy into a party

How to play it:

* People take turns telling an elaborate story of why they are late

* These stories are — in fact — plots of well-known movies

* Whoever guesses the correct movie takes over the game

9. The Game of Many Names

Happy Madison / Via

What is it?: The name of the game is name game

How to play it:

* Start with a famous person's name

* The next person has to say a famous person whose first name starts with the first letter of the previous famous person's last name

* If somebody mentions a person whose first and last names start with the same letter (e.g., Mandy Moore or Janet Jackson), the game reverses in order

10. Can You Pizza?


What is it?: A guessing game that kind of involves pizza

How to play it:

* Somebody thinks of a verb

* Each person takes a turn asking yes-or-no questions

* Each question, the person replaces the word they think it is with "pizza"

For example:

* The word is "hear"

* "Can you pizza a dog bark?"

* "Yes, you can pizza a dog bark"

11. Word Associations

BuzzFeed Blue / Via

What is it?: Stringing words along through association

How to play it:

* Someone starts with a word, any word

* The next person thinks of something associated to it

* It passes through the group until someone repeats a word, can't think of something, or says something off

For example:

* Hamburger

* Germany

* David Hasselhoff

12. Two Truths and a Lie

20th Century Fox Television / Via

What is it?: A game of "get-to-know-me" with deception

How to play it:

* Each person shares three facts about themselves

* One of those "facts" has to be a lie

* Every person takes a turn guessing which one is a lie

13. I Can Keep a Beat / Via

What is it?: A game of observation

How to play it:

* One person starts by tapping a beat on their leg

* The person next to them has to repeat exactly what that person did

* It goes around the circle until someone gets it right

* The key is to pay attention to any motion or action that occurred before/after the beat; you have to do exactly what the person did

For example:

* The person who starts snaps then taps a beat

* The person guessing must snap in addition to the beat delivered

14. Same Difference

New Line Cinema / Via

What is it?: A game of differences where a person is trying to guess a phrase off of synonyms

How to play it:

* Someone thinks of a song, movie, or saying

* They then state the phrase using synonyms

* The people in the group take turns guessing the popular phrase

For example:

"You're not going to acquire everything you desire" would be "You can't always get what you want"

Make the most of your summer with games. And keep the party going with BIC® Lighters.