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17 Things That Will Make You Say "It's Lit"

When that direct deposit hits on a Friday tho.

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1. When you're swiping through and see they have a dog in their profile.

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2. When you leave work on Friday and there's no traffic.

3. When you're hella broke and find a five in your pocket.

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4. When you come home for the weekend and mom insists on doing your laundry.

5. When you wake up and realize you don't have class.

6. When you're at the party and someone brought guac.

7. When you get to the pool and there are enough lounge chairs for your squad.

8. When you open the freezer and it's stocked with ice pops.

9. When that paycheck come through on a Friday.

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10. When you're in the club and that beat drops.


11. When your boss emails you about summer Fridays.

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12. When you're trying to face-swap and it's a masterpiece.

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13. When you plug in that aux and everyone starts grooving.

14. When you get a fresh cut and it's on point.

15. When you're vibing by the pool and that throwback comes on.

16. When you get to your favorite ride and there's no line.

17. When you drop a fly selfie and bae gives it a heart.

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