23 Fashion Designers Who Should Ask For Forgiveness For Their Sins

    Your jeans shouldn't have to suffer through an existential crisis like this.

    1. These are perfect for when the distance between your belly button and knees can be measured in feet instead of inches.

    2. For the little cowgirl we all have inside of us.

    3. For those times when you can't decide between shorts, a skirt, or pants...

    4. And these are great for when you want to wear jeans, but also show off your kinky side a bit.

    5. Are the pajamas? Are they boxers? Are they jeans?

    6. Integrated rear ventilation. For those particularly hot summer days.

    7. Maybe you're just really happy with how your knees look and you just want to show them off?

    8. Oh nice! With the addition of an elegant skirt, you could wear these jeans to the next wedding you go to!

    9. Long live the nineties?

    10. There are no words.

    11. Seriously, I'm stunned.

    12. What are we even doing?


    14. Ah yes, these must be very popular with Flamenco dancers in Spain who are looking for something a little more casual.

    15. These boots are great for those tricky times when you want to wear jeans, but DON'T want to wear pants.

    16. And these are perfect for... actually, I'm really not sure what these are perfect for. Sorry.

    17. Why pay extra? You can make these at home just by tearing the pockets out of your jorts.

    18. Great for keeping the crumbs out of your bed during those Netflix binges.

    19. Seriously, how much money would it take to get you to wear these outside?

    20. Or these? What even are these?

    21. This outfit was clearly stolen from the set of The Nanny.

    22. Here's a skirt that makes it look like you tied a jean jacket around your waist so you always give the perception that you're unprepared.

    23. Wow. Just... wow.

    This post was translated from Spanish.