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    21 Easy Changes You Can Make To Use Less Plastic

    Saving the Earth one reusable canvas tote at a time.

    1. Start with something easy: don't ask for straws at restaurants.

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    Do you *really* need that straw?

    2. When you go grocery shopping, don't use dozens of plastic bags to lug your stuff home.

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    Buy a reusable canvas one and remember to bring it with you next time you go shopping.

    3. Don't buy synthetic clothing like nylon, acrylic, or polyester...

    Tarzhanova / Getty Images

    They have small fibers of plastic that fall off and contaminate the environment.

    4. Stop chewing gum.

    Guyn / Getty Images

    Okay, that may sound extreme, but gum base is made from polyethylene, which is how plastic is made as well. So, every time you throw your gum away, it's like you're throwing plastic away.

    5. Buy products in cardboard packaging instead of plastic.

    Zolnierek / Getty Images

    They probably sell your detergent in a box, so why not buy that one instead?

    6. Don't buy plastic water bottles.

    Sami Sert / Getty Images

    Buy a reusable bottle that you can refill.

    7. Try to avoid buying plastic lighters...

    Ekaterina_chebotareva / Getty Images

    Go back to matches, or buy a refillable one.

    8. And yes, try to use cloth diapers instead of disposable ones.

    Mel-nik / Getty Images

    If it worked for your grandma, it can work for you. Plus, it'll help diminish the 3.4 million tons of trash that diapers make per year.

    9. Don't buy beauty products or toothpaste that contain phthalate, polyethylene or polypropylene...

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    They are microplastics which, although you can't see them, contaminate a lot.

    10. When buying a razor, choose one that lets you replace the blades rather than buying several disposables.

    Brittakokemor / Getty Images

    11. Bring your own thermos or mug to the coffee shop instead of getting another disposable cup.

    Jummie / Getty Images

    You'll help the environment and it'll be cheaper.

    12. If you are a woman and you get a monthly period, get into the menstrual cup game.

    Gregory_lee / Getty Images

    But if you have to use tampons, choose ones without plastic.

    13. Don't buy wine bottles that have plastic corks.

    grafxcom / Getty Images

    The original decomposes much more easily.

    14. Think twice before using those plastic bags and bins.

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    Everything you put in them can be held in paper, aluminum, jars, or glass containers.

    15. Instead of cleaning your house with chemical products, do it with natural things like vinegar or baking soda.

    Mady70 / Getty Images

    16. When you are offered a receipt, tell them thanks but no thanks.

    Maica / Getty Images

    These pieces of paper often have plastic bits in them that make them impossible to recycle.

    17. If you are going to order in, tell them not to bring plastic utensils...

    Dny59 / Getty Images

    Use what you have in your kitchen. You have to wash them, but you'll be fine.

    18. To freshen up a place, light a candle, incense, or use an essential oil diffuser...

    Loonara / Getty Images

    Instead of buying an air freshener made of, what? You guessed it... plastic!

    19. Don't buy bottled juices. Opt for the fresher option. It's healthier, tastier, and less contaminating.

    LeszekCzerwonka / Getty Images

    20. And please stop cleaning your ears with plastic cotton swabs.

    Haywardgaude / Getty Images

    It's not just bad for you, it's a huge waste.

    21. Don't throw your electronics in the trash.

    Farzin Salimi / Getty Images

    There are special places to recycle them. Make an effort to take them there, and the planet will thank you.

    Think about it. It's for a better future for us all.

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    This post was translated from Spanish.

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