17 Shocking Bits Of Trivia You Never Even Knew About "The Nanny"

    Yetta and Sylvia may have played mother and daughter in the series, but in real life they were just five years apart!

    1. Chester, Miss Babcock's dog, was Fran Fine's dog in real life.

    2. Sylvia, Morty, and Nadine are the names of Fran's family members, not just in the series, but also in real life!

    3. C.C.'s full name isn't revealed until the final episode, when we learn that it's Chastity Claire Babcock.

    4. Madeline Zima, who played the role of Gracie, didn't enjoy the six years she spent on the series very much.

    5. Fran Fine and Peter Marc Jacobson, writer and producer of the series, were married at the time the series was being filmed.

    6. A lot of English people who watched the show complained about Mr. Sheffield's "bad accent," and they suggested he copy Niles...

    7. During the show's fifth season, the actresses who played the roles of C.C. and Val both got pregnant...

    8. Whoopi Goldberg, Coolio, Rosie O'Donnell, Rita Rudner, and Steve Lawrence all appeared on the show twice.

    9. Brighton's full name is Brighton Milhouse Sheffield.

    10. And Mr. Sheffield's is Maxwell Beverly Sheffield.

    11. We never find out for sure about grandma Yetta's past.

    12. Fran is short for Francine.

    13. In 2000, a Turkish version of the series came out that was called Dadi...

    14. Renée Taylor gained around 50 pounds while filming the show...

    15. At the time, there were a lot of Barbies inspired by Fran's style.

    16. Near the end of the series, Fran Drescher made a cameo as herself:

    17. In real life, the actresses who played the roles of Yetta and Sylvia were only five years apart.

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