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    21 Unique Couples Tattoos To Share With Someone You Love

    Forever means forever.

    1. A minimalist set of symbols to put your love on display.

    2. Or something more colorful if that represents you better.

    3. Something to show that your love is bigger than the moon and the stars.

    4. And that you complete one another.

    5. Or maybe on a walk in the woods?

    6. For those who want to express how dear their partner is.

    7. X and O. Until death do us part.

    8. A simple reminder of your love...

    9. So there's no doubt that you band together through it all...

    10. And go hand-in-hand...

    11. And lift one another up.

    12. Something to honor Cupid for bringing you together.

    13. Or something complementary, but totally unique.

    14. Because you're the cutest couple in the world, and your tattoos should reflect that.

    15. And let's face it, your love for one another is only matched by your love for memes.

    16. And the feelings you have make you feel like you're lighter than the breeze.

    17. The person you love should fill up your heart containers.

    18. And give you the storybook romance you deserve, so you can live happily ever after.

    19. Maybe you and that special 9-to-5er in your life met at the office?

    20. Or maybe something that belongs just to the two of you.

    21. But most of all, get tattoos that prove to the world that you've caught yourself a keeper.