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21 Unique Couples Tattoos To Share With Someone You Love

Forever means forever.

1. A minimalist set of symbols to put your love on display.

Instagram: @thewaveofreality

2. Or something more colorful if that represents you better.

Instagram: @kaja_tattoo

3. Something to show that your love is bigger than the moon and the stars.

Instagram: @pnhiiii

4. And that you complete one another.

Instagram: @muriel_mortal

5. Or maybe on a walk in the woods?

Instagram: @kat3roo

6. For those who want to express how dear their partner is.

Instagram: @bregitteb

Get it?

7. X and O. Until death do us part.

Instagram: @linanovotna

8. A simple reminder of your love...

Instagram: @wei_ca

9. So there's no doubt that you band together through it all...

Instagram: @nayoon3

12. Something to honor Cupid for bringing you together.

Instagram: @dreamed_dream

Or Katniss Everdeen, each to his own.

13. Or something complementary, but totally unique.

Instagram: @thetattoosworld

14. Because you're the cutest couple in the world, and your tattoos should reflect that.

Instagram: @custominktattoo

15. And let's face it, your love for one another is only matched by your love for memes.

Instagram: @freakingfantastic123

16. And the feelings you have make you feel like you're lighter than the breeze.

Instagram: @inkedworld

17. The person you love should fill up your heart containers.

Instagram: @sofiaspiral

18. And give you the storybook romance you deserve, so you can live happily ever after.

Instagram: @through_sophiiees_eyes

19. Maybe you and that special 9-to-5er in your life met at the office?

Instagram: @evelynallentattoo

20. Or maybe something that belongs just to the two of you.

Instagram: @veronikapalmaborocz

21. But most of all, get tattoos that prove to the world that you've caught yourself a keeper.

Instagram: @studio316piercing
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