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    19 Tattoo-Bracelets That Will Look Amazing On You

    They're so pretty that maybe your mom won't even get mad at you for getting one.

    1. An elegant bracelet inspired by nature.

    2. A charm bracelet to safeguard your most special mementos.

    3. A minimalist look with two different sides.

    4. The details are everything...


    6. The sky's the limit, so let your creativity soar.

    7. You could even try a lunar watch instead of a bracelet.

    8. With one of these, even your mom wouldn't know it's a tattoo.

    9. Is it a hair tie? Is it a tattoo? Who knows?

    10. This one has a little more impact.

    11. You're the artist here.

    12. Seeing stars? Sweet.

    13. Or maybe you want a more subtle look.

    14. You can take an interesting take on something a bit more plain.

    15. Or you could try out something even less traditional.

    16. You can even mix several different styles to create your own unforgettable design.

    18. All black, for those with a dark soul.

    19. Who said tattoos couldn't be classy?

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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