18 People Who Maybe Got A Little Too Much Sun

    They say that too much sun is dangerous. They're right.

    1. Wow. How can you get a sunburn and still be that pale? Impressive.

    2. It's just a little sunburn, man! No big deal. 👍

    3. What about this double whammy of red, burned skin under peeling skin? That's just adding insult to injury.

    4. Oh! How sweet! Her skin matches the roses on her dress! Adorable!

    5. Anyone with boobs will know how painful this must be. Anyone without them can probably just imagine it.

    6. Look at all that fresh, bare skin.

    7. Oh you poor girl. How did this happen?

    8. Those aren't leggings...

    9. Trucker Tan x1000.

    10. Life lesson: Never fall asleep in the sun with your lace underwear on.

    11. Who needs a purse when you can use your own horribly burned and peeling leg skin?

    12. No. Stop it. Stop peeling it like that. It's THE WORST.


    14. *Runs out and buys the highest-SPF sunscreen available* *Slathers it all over body*

    15. I see someone is a fan of V-necks.

    16. God, seriously, why? How could you sit there long enough to let this happen to you?

    17. 😱😱😱

    18. Welcome to your worst nightmare. [SERIOUSLY! DON'T CLICK THIS ONE. JUST MOVE ALONG.]