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18 People Who Maybe Got A Little Too Much Sun

They say that too much sun is dangerous. They're right.

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1. Wow. How can you get a sunburn and still be that pale? Impressive.

hplumadore / Via

2. It's just a little sunburn, man! No big deal. 👍

OhRightICanChangeThis / Via

3. What about this double whammy of red, burned skin under peeling skin? That's just adding insult to injury.

nelongit / Via

4. Oh! How sweet! Her skin matches the roses on her dress! Adorable!

jacomino / Via

5. Anyone with boobs will know how painful this must be. Anyone without them can probably just imagine it.

bigpaynis / Via

6. Look at all that fresh, bare skin.

CelebrityConnery / Via

7. Oh you poor girl. How did this happen?

Instagram: @layla_loves_gore

8. Those aren't leggings...

nelskickass / Via

9. Trucker Tan x1000.

Burtonee / Via

10. Life lesson: Never fall asleep in the sun with your lace underwear on.

GazerOfStars / Via

11. Who needs a purse when you can use your own horribly burned and peeling leg skin?

Reddit / Via

12. No. Stop it. Stop peeling it like that. It's THE WORST.

gigglygoose / Via


NexGenCN / Via

14. *Runs out and buys the highest-SPF sunscreen available* *Slathers it all over body*

Burtonee / Via

15. I see someone is a fan of V-necks.

Lochied / Via

16. God, seriously, why? How could you sit there long enough to let this happen to you?

yappinyinzer / Via

17. 😱😱😱

P15T0L_WH1PP3D / Via

18. Welcome to your worst nightmare. [SERIOUSLY! DON'T CLICK THIS ONE. JUST MOVE ALONG.]

Lolocaust / Via

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