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23 Things Every Spoiled Kid Will Recognize Immediately

You have your parents to thank for this one.

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1. There are thousands of photo albums at your parents' house FILLED with photos of you as a kid.

bellavhague / Via Twitter: @bellavhague

Photos of your ultrasound pictures, from the day you were born, from the day after you were born, your baptism, first communion, first birthday party, second birthday party, your preschool graduation, elementary school, junior high...


10. You got a reward for every little "achievement."

Erin823 / Getty Images

When you lost your teeth, you'd get money. When you got a good grade, you got a new toy. If you ever accomplished anything, your parents would take you out for a special lunch.


14. You never saw the covers of any of your school books because they had a protective cover on them the moment you got brought them home.

micarita_com / Via Twitter: @micarita_com

They had to stay safe in the new backpacks your parents bought you every year.


19. They kept all your drawings, diplomas, letters, and other "crafts" and achievements.

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They're definitely in a box somewhere at your parents place, if they're not still hanging up above the mantle, that is.

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