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    23 Things Every Spoiled Kid Will Recognize Immediately

    You have your parents to thank for this one.

    1. There are thousands of photo albums at your parents' house FILLED with photos of you as a kid.

    bellavhague / Via Twitter: @bellavhague

    Photos of your ultrasound pictures, from the day you were born, from the day after you were born, your baptism, first communion, first birthday party, second birthday party, your preschool graduation, elementary school, junior high...

    2. You got every video game you ever wanted, and every video game console too.


    Game Boy, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, PS1, you name it.

    3. Your afternoons were always totally booked up with extracurriculars like soccer or gymnastics.


    And your sweet mom always waited outside for you.

    4. And if were ever involved in any kind of recital or competition, your parents were right there in the front row screaming your name and cheering you on.

    TabascoHOY / Via Twitter: @TabascoHOY

    5. They read you stories before bed well past the age where it was still necessary for them to read you bedtime stories.

    Universal Studios

    6. And you always went out and did something fun on the weekends.

    Nadezhda1906 / Getty Images

    Like going to the zoo, or the beach, or getting ice cream, or going on bike rides.

    7. They celebrated your birthday with a party every year.

    McDonalds_ATQ / Via Twitter: @McDonalds_ATQ

    And the best was when they threw you an official McDonald's birthday party with the balloons and everything.

    8. They were there for every school play, no matter how bad they were.

    contadorcamach1 / Via Twitter: @contadorcamach1

    And usually taped each one of them on their Handycam as well.

    9. Every year, Santa brought you everything you wanted from your list.

    You probably even had a My Size Barbie or Stretch Armstrong.

    10. You got a reward for every little "achievement."

    Erin823 / Getty Images

    When you lost your teeth, you'd get money. When you got a good grade, you got a new toy. If you ever accomplished anything, your parents would take you out for a special lunch.

    11. You slept in your parents' bed anytime you were scared in your own, or if it was storming outside.

    20th Century Fox

    12. They taught you how to swim, skate and/or ride a bike.

    Solovyova / Getty Images

    13. They took you to see every single Pixar and Disney movie in theaters.

    Twitter: @mindofminebabex

    And of course, bought you the VHS tapes as soon as they were released.

    14. You never saw the covers of any of your school books because they had a protective cover on them the moment you got brought them home.

    micarita_com / Via Twitter: @micarita_com

    They had to stay safe in the new backpacks your parents bought you every year.

    15. And every day at lunch, the other kids looked on in envy at what your parents packed for you.

    elmundo_curioso / Via Twitter: @elmundo_curioso

    You never even knew sandwiches had crusts until you moved out.

    16. Your freezer was ALWAYS fully stocked with popsicles.

    arceliapinto / Via

    Or ice cream. Or Otter Pops in the summer, or course.

    17. They didn't just take you to fun places, they took all your friends too

    Katkov / Getty Images

    To fairs, to concerts, to the mall. You never had to spend a moment alone.

    18. They had no problem if you wanted to invite friends over for a sleepover, and never said no when you wanted to sleepover at a friend's house.

    Creatista / Getty Images

    19. They kept all your drawings, diplomas, letters, and other "crafts" and achievements.

    Pong_chan / Getty Images

    They're definitely in a box somewhere at your parents place, if they're not still hanging up above the mantle, that is.

    20. They let you have a pet. Heck, they let you have A TON of pets.

    Judith Dzierzawa / Getty Images

    21. Your house was always well stocked with candy, chips, and treats while you were growing up.

    22. You had your own TV in your room.

    manaemedia / Getty Images

    23. And of course, your own phone in your room, with a private phone line.

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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