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    21 Simple Fashion Tips That Will Change Your Life If You Are Short

    Just because you're small doesn't mean you can't live big.

    1. Dressing all in one color will elongate your figure.

    Andreea Birsan / Via

    2. And the darker the outfit, the better.

    MelodyR / Via

    3. Heels and platforms are great for adding extra height.

    Attalia Beltrán / Via

    But only if they're comfortable! Don't suffer for your fashion.

    4. But pointy flats will also do the trick, and they'll look super good on you.

    Ally Buu / Via

    5. Especially if you combine them with a miniskirt.

    Marcela Miceli / Via

    Lengthen those legs, girl.

    6. High-waisted jeans are your new best friend. (Plus, they just look hot.)

    Polly Alba / Via

    The cut will make your legs look longer, but be careful! Your torso will look shorter.

    7. Don't be afraid of rocking a nice maxi skirt or dress.

    Eleonora Pellini / Via

    Just go with the more simple and smooth cuts. Make the look work in your favor.

    8. Especially if they have a sexy opening to show off your legs.

    Victoria Emi / Via

    9. Baggy dresses, pants, and tunics can be comfy, but they can make you appear shorter.

    Kristine Agabaian / Via

    10. Similar thing with capris or culottes.

    Daria Sidorenko / Via

    Although if you want to put them on, do it!

    11. Here's a pro-tip: send your clothes to get tailored.

    Jacky / Via

    It may feel a little excessive, but it's often your best option. If everything just seemed too big or voluminous, getting your clothing taken in a bit will keep you from looking even smaller.

    12. If you wear a belt, make it a thin one.

    Taylor Smith / Via

    Bulky belts are not recommended.

    13. And while you're at it, avoid using big purses too. They'll just make you look even smaller.

    Carissa G. / Via

    14. If you want to appear taller, add vertical stripes.

    Dora C / Via

    15. And avoid shoes that strap or tie around the ankle.

    Natalie Ast / Via

    They'll make your legs look shorter.

    16. Go for a lower neckline and v-necks rather than higher cuts.

    Daria R. / Via

    17. Match the color of your shoes to the color of your pants to really add length to your legs.

    Anna R / Via

    18. If you are choosing between a tighter or looser shirt, always opt for the tighter option.

    Daria R / Via

    19. Don't buy jeans that scrunch at the heel.

    Gelianne Alba / Via

    But if you do, get them hemmed!

    20. Buy your clothes in the kids' section.

    Naomi Roe / Via

    It sounds counter-intuitive, but they'll often fit a lot better. (And can save you tons of money.)

    21. And do up your hair with a hair tie!

    Carla Thompson / Via

    You'll look elegant and stylish at the same time, and it'll add a few inches to your height.