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    21 Simple Fashion Tips That Will Change Your Life If You Are Short

    Just because you're small doesn't mean you can't live big.

    1. Dressing all in one color will elongate your figure.

    2. And the darker the outfit, the better.

    3. Heels and platforms are great for adding extra height.

    4. But pointy flats will also do the trick, and they'll look super good on you.

    5. Especially if you combine them with a miniskirt.

    6. High-waisted jeans are your new best friend. (Plus, they just look hot.)

    7. Don't be afraid of rocking a nice maxi skirt or dress.

    8. Especially if they have a sexy opening to show off your legs.

    9. Baggy dresses, pants, and tunics can be comfy, but they can make you appear shorter.

    10. Similar thing with capris or culottes.

    11. Here's a pro-tip: send your clothes to get tailored.

    12. If you wear a belt, make it a thin one.

    13. And while you're at it, avoid using big purses too. They'll just make you look even smaller.

    14. If you want to appear taller, add vertical stripes.

    15. And avoid shoes that strap or tie around the ankle.

    16. Go for a lower neckline and v-necks rather than higher cuts.

    17. Match the color of your shoes to the color of your pants to really add length to your legs.

    18. If you are choosing between a tighter or looser shirt, always opt for the tighter option.

    19. Don't buy jeans that scrunch at the heel.

    20. Buy your clothes in the kids' section.

    21. And do up your hair with a hair tie!