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19 Surprising Facts About "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch" We Bet You Never Knew


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8. The character of Sabrina first appeared in Archie Comics.

But she wasn't like the Sabrina we know from the show. In the comic, she used her magic to entice men and to torture her rivals. She was selfish, impulsive, and super sexy.


11. Elvis, Witch, and Warlock were the three cats who played the part of Salem throughout the series.


There was also an animatronic named Salem, along with various stuffed animals that were nicknamed "Stuffy."


17. A few months before the debut of the series, a movie with the same name and theme came out...

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In it, Sabrina was named Sawyer, and her love interest was Seth, played by Ryan Reynolds.

18. Paula Hart, Melissa's mom, wasn't just the producer of the series.

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She's also the one who convinced the production company to turn the comic into a movie, and then into a show.

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