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21 Hipsters Who Are Too Hipster For Other Hipsters

Is any of this toothpaste gluten free?

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1. Hipsters don't need plates, they have fruit.

nat_cate / Via

2. And if they run out of fruit, they have plenty of old egg cartons they can use instead.

You can even take it to the office like a lunchbox!
felicibus / Via

You can even take it to the office like a lunchbox!

3. Hipsters hate gluten. Anywhere.

cultriphile / Via

4. And they have so many cameras that they're starting to use some of them as planters.

blacksnapcat / Via

5. In fact, they can make a flowerpot out of just about anything. Especially if it's for succulents.

annynews / Via

6. They're really good at repurposing old stuff, like this monitor being used to mark a parking space.

7. A true hipster knows it's not enough to have a beard... also have to decorate it.
c0urtneycutter13 / Via also have to decorate it.

8. Only losers drink coffee out of a cup.

rushiecat / Via

9. And only hipsters know that tea tastes better out of a French press.

sandraannett / Via

10. At hipster restaurants, "fresh juice" means something very different than what it means for everybody else.

WeWantPlates / Via Twitter: @WeWantPlates

11. You haven't truly tasted a gin and tonic until you've tasted it out of a bag

southwelljen / Via

12. Eating scoops of ice cream is so 2016.

quigz09 / Via

13. Baby showers in the hipster community aren't like any other.

cutenotkawaii / Via

14. Don't know what to get your hipster friend? Look no further.

nicenuts / Via Twitter: @nicenuts

15. And if you're ever looking for a restaurant to take them to, this place is a good option:

WeWantPlates / Via

16. Unless you want to go with something a little more down to Earth.

WeWantPlates / Via

17. Milk tea isn't necessarily hipster. Serving it out of a lightbulb, on the hand, definitely is.

WeWantPlates / Via

18. Being a hipster can be confusing. You never know if you're being served a masterpiece of abstract art or just dessert.

WeWantPlates / Via

19. Hell, they can't even tell if they're eating pasta or donuts.

foodandwine / Via Twitter: @foodandwine

20. A true hipster knows that the most reliable way to keep time is with the old methods.

brownboypicturehouse / Via

21. And that the only pet worth having is the one nobody else has.

timati_bs / Via Twitter: @timati_bs

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