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2017 Beauty Trends Have Officially Peaked With Fake Nose Hair, Probably

Nostrils but make them fashion?

We'll be the first to say that yes, 2017 has probably seen more than its fair share of weird brow and eyelash trends.

Via Instagram

But to be fair, it's been a pretty weird year overall.

And while we're all about experimentation and finding yourself and serving #lewks, I'm kiiiinda not sure about this one...

taytay_xx / Via

Yep. Fake nose hairs. We're seeing the same thing here, I promise.

Like, yes, it makes sense as the logical ~extension~ of the fun and funky facial hair vibes we've all been feeling...

gret_chen_chen / Via

But there's just something a little too... spidery/childhood dentist-y about this one.

Don't get me wrong — I'm all about fighting against ridiculous beauty standards...

sophiehannahrichardson / Via

Noses have hair! It's perfectly natural! Except, uh, when it's not?

But this is going to take some getting used to...

Plus also, what if you have to sneeze??

Based on our research, there are two schools of thought to hopping on this trendwagon: you can pencil in the hair yourself, or use extensions.

MilkiBunn / Via

But hey, who are we to tell you how to wear that hair?

DavisonVideo / Via

Welcome to the wild west of hair trends. Honestly? We're kind of here for it.

  1. So, fake nose hair: what do we think?

    So, fake nose hair: what do we think?

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So, fake nose hair: what do we think?
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    BRB glueing my extensions in now!
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    Subverting beauty norms? Hell yes!
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    I feel weird inside.
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    Yeah that's gonna be a nope for me.

This post was translated from Spanish.

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