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    If You Don't Want To Go Through With The Whole Pine Tree Thing Again This Year, Here Are 19 Christmas Tree Alternatives

    Pro tip: anything's a tree if you want it to be.

    1. Looking for something that feels more homemade (and a little meta)? You could go for this cardboard number...

    2. Or, if you prefer something more minimalist, try a sculptural take, like this one:

    3. If your floor plan is a bit tight, we love this branches-only option:

    4. Or just go all in on one good, bushy branch:

    5. Though just about any kind of branch can look amazing dressed up just right:

    6. Here's a more conceptual branch look:

    7. And here's a mega cool way to use PVC pipes in pursuit of Christmas cheer:

    8. This tree looks more like an epic game of Jenga...

    9. And if you're into that DIY wood vibe, you can also try this:

    10. This part-shelf, part-tree would go excellently with rustic accents:

    11. And this one would be a piece of cake to pull off, especially for small spaces:

    12. All bibliophiles should try this one...

    13. And all romantics would swoon over this deconstructed bouquet option:

    14. Here's one you could make out of coat hangers...

    15. And here's a foolproof fix that'll last you for years:

    16. Who knew that a log pile could look this cozy?

    17. Or that a ladder could double as a holiday centerpiece?

    18. This hanging version is some next level ornament use...

    19. But this tropical "tree" might just be our favorite one yet:

    Now, go forth and get decorating!

    This post was translated from Spanish.