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    19 Powerful Images That You'll Only Recognize If You Bite Your Nails

    Your nails are just a symbol of your whole life: a total mess.

    1. You've tried everything to quit your horrible habit.

    Worvast / Via Twitter: @Worvast

    2. ...seriously. EVERYTHING.

    TheRicardoski / Via Twitter: @TheRicardoski

    3. You no longer believe in miracle products that promise and promise and promise.

    ptraciogg / Via Twitter: @ptraciogg

    4. You no longer believe in anything. Life is hell.

    Vkroj98 / Via Twitter: @Vkroj98

    5. But you've got your methods and you keep trying.

    Chuyawonka / Via Twitter: @Chuyawonka

    Like painting your nails, for instance. You wouldn't want to ruin that perfect manicure, would you?

    6. And then removing the nail polish three seconds later.

    ItsJules_ / Via Twitter: @ItsJules_

    Nope, I guess you would ruin it. Wouldn't you?

    7. Or you try chewing on everything you come across.

    herondalessoul / Via Twitter: @herondalessoul

    Anything to keep your eye off those sweet, sweet nails.

    8. Twenty-four hours without biting your nails feels like history's greatest triumph.

    UntidyDrawer / Via Twitter: @UntidyDrawer

    9. But it doesn't take long for you to fall apart and end up right back where you started.

    UntidyDrawer / Via Twitter: @UntidyDrawer

    10. And if, by chance, you manage to let them grow they are as delicate as flower petals.

    aanddreaa_27 / Via Twitter: @aanddreaa_27

    11. Like little baby nails. Like a baby would have. A newborn baby with tiny, frail nails.

    craazy_lady / Via Twitter: @craazy_lady

    12. And it feels like it takes years for them to get back to their natural shape and size.

    gunshy52 / Via Twitter: @gunshy52

    13. UGH. And let's not even get into hangnails. That's a whole other list. That's a whole different, unimaginable pain.

    SoniaErreape / Via Twitter: @SoniaErreape

    14. And most of you probably recognize this pain.

    BuyuyuDeAntonio / Via Twitter: @BuyuyuDeAntonio

    15. A pain so familiar it's like a close friend.

    rossdagum / Via Twitter: @rossdagum

    16. You've stopped referring to them as fingers. To you, they're just ~stumps~.

    chuel_chuelin / Via Twitter: @chuel_chuelin

    17. But the reality is that you wish you had even more hands. Because more hands means more fingers. And more fingers means more nails. And more nails means more biting.

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @Renito91

    18. You've got a love/hate relationship with rings.

    fortressedheart / Via Twitter: @fortressedheart

    You don't like how they look on your hands but you want them all because they are pretty.

    19. And though you have tried to fool yourself...

    Twitter: @Asiaaaaan_

    The truth always comes out.