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    Posted on Oct 14, 2015

    23 Reasons Mole Is The Worst Thing That Ever Happened To Mexico

    Who the hell came up with this stuff?

    1. Mole is an extremely boring dish.

    2. It couldn't be any more unpleasant.

    3. And it always looks terrible.

    4. It can't even decide its own fucking color.

    5. Or whether it's a soup or a casserole.

    6. It's even worse zoomed-in.

    7. As if that weren't bad enough, people get creative and put mole on anything that crosses its path.

    8. On you want to kill us with this?

    9. Top 5 most disgusting pies in history.

    10. And now it's a dessert, too?

    11. And they add it to French fries?!

    12. PFFT!

    13. It is not appealing.

    14. Never!

    15. Tripe mole, because life is meaningless.

    16. And as a disgusting cherry on top, sometimes they sprinkle sesame seeds on it.

    17. The actual worst is when there's chocolate in it. Who even likes chocolate?

    18. There are few things worse than mole enchiladas.

    19. Ugh! And in, just terrible.

    20. What? There's actually pink mole, too?

    21. What's so special about mole?

    22. Absolutely nothing.

    23. A totally mediocre dish.

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