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22 Horrors Every Hairy Girl Has Suffered Through

You're not alone in the fight against body hair.

1. A big part of your monthly budget goes towards products for removing ~body hair~ in its various forms.

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2. You've tried everything: razors, creams, machines, lasers, lights...

HairRemoval / Via

3. ...all because your bathroom routine is way more complicated than anyone can possibly imagine.

AwesomeGamerNer / Via

4. Nobody knows what you have to go through time and time and time again. (Or your razor.)

iwannagetphysical / Via

5. Only you and your hairy brethren feel the pain.

japantabibito / Via

6. Especially when the dreaded hot weather is on the way...


That's why you prefer the cold.

7. Everything you see serves as a little reminder that it's never not a good time to pluck a few hairs from your (uni)brow (again).


8. These could practically be your baby photos.

UseTheForceLeia / Via Twitter: @UseTheForceLeia

9. Or maybe this one, if you're not convinced.

David Kaplan / Via Facebook: kaptron

10. You had to start shaving when you were very young...way before any of your friends.



11. You don't understand how it happens, but moments after you've shaved, you look like this.

michellekhare / Via

12. And when you try to take a sexy photo without preparing first, it comes out something like this:

andysamario / Via Twitter: @andysamario

13. Sometimes you really think it's just a matter of time before this happens to you:

14. But there are those good days when your hair is looking fabulous.

The Chive / Via

15. If you ever skip shaving, it essentially becomes impossible to tell the difference between your leg and your boyfriend's leg.

16. You've heard the "joke" about hobbit's feet a thousand times...

Iambored / Via

And you never found it funny, not once.

17. Bracelets are like medieval torture devices for a hairy arm.

Pinterest / Via

18. You dream of getting married someday, but the thought of this gives you nightmares.

pricescope / Via

19. And if you go too long without dealing with your mustache, it starts to feel like you're channeling Bieber a little bit.

20. And you're no stranger to the infamous ~baby hair~ either.

Gabe Ginsberg / Getty Images for Chateau Nightclub & Rooftop

21. You and your plumber are best friends, or you've learned to unblock your own shower like a pro.

andrewtokely / Via

22. But the best thing is that you've learned to accept your natural beauty, with hair or without.

zhendegender / Via

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