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    27 Pieces Of Advice You Wish You Had Known Before Turning 30

    And even if you've already 30, they still work.

    1. Travel more.

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    Take advantage of the fact that you're at an age where you probably have fewer responsibilities. Travel to learn, travel to broaden your view of the world, and most importantly, travel to have fun.

    2. Read more.

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    Soak in all the culture, knowledge, and empathy that you can. Later, you're going to prefer Netflix and sleeping to that book...

    3. And spend less time looking at screens.

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    Turn off the TV, shut down your computer, and put away your phone. Get out and explore the world. See places, meet people, and eat food. It'll be a lot harder to leave your comfort zone later on in life.

    4. Quit your job.

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    If you hate your job, you're in luck! You're at the perfect age to figure out exactly what it is that you want to do, without too much pressure pressing down upon you.

    5. Trust people.

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    You'll probably end up getting hurt more than a couple of times, but having faith in people is the only way to truly live.

    6. Value your time and that of others.

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    Stop wasting your precious minutes on people who aren't worth it, and quit doing things that don't make you happy. This also means that you should understand that the time of others is just as valuable as your own.

    7. Fail and fail again.

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    But when you do, learn from your mistakes, get better, and then pick yourself up again like the greats.

    8. Don't compare yourself to others.

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    Everyone has their own path. Trust that everything will be okay (and even more than just okay!).

    9. Don't make excuses...

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    10. Instead, learn to ask for forgiveness.

    BuzzFeed / Anantaradhika

    If you fucked up, admit it. And move on.

    11. Paaaaaaatience.

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    If you lose all hope if you have to wait for something for more than 5 minutes, you may need to work on this a bit.

    12. Live in the here and now.

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    The past is in the past and the future hasn't arrived yet. So stop worrying and get to work!

    13. Ask for help.

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    You don't have to do everything alone in this life, and many people will even want to help when you need it most.

    14. If you're going to compete, compete against yourself.

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    Let others do their thing, and just you keep on being your awesome self.

    15. Forgive your parents.

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    Maybe they made a lot of mistakes, but everything they did was because they wanted the best for you.

    16. Don't call people your "best friends" just like that.

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    A "best friend" is created after years of trust, honesty, love, fights, and many more things. Take your time before devoting all your love and care to someone who might not deserve it in the long run.

    17. NEVER buy shoes that are too small for you.

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    The shoes are never going to get bigger. They're only going to continue feeling uncomfortable and causing you unnecessary pain (that is, until you gift them to someone else).

    18. Save.

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    Always have a little savings that you can turn to in an emergency, something that is safe from even those impromptu treat yourself shopping trips.

    19. Don't ignore your intuition.

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    Whether we're talking about a meal or a wedding, if you get a bad vibe from something, don't do it.

    20. Invest in experiences, not in things.

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    An iPhone will break, get stolen, or stop working in two years. Clothes will rip within a month. But experiences? Those last a lifetime.

    21. Ask more questions.

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    And actually listen when people talk. You don't know everything, so take a moment to hear someone else's thoughts and opinions.

    22. No, you won't always get things just because you have a cute face.

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    Hard work and devotion gets you what you want. Remember that.

    23. Pick your battles.

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    You can't fight all of them. For the sake of your mental health, really think about which battles are worth it and which you should simply let go.

    24. Take life seriously, but don't take yourself so seriously.

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    25. Don't worry so much about where you're going. It's better to enjoy the journey.

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    26. Things aren't as risky or as scary as they seem.

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    Your worst enemy is you.

    27. Your heart won't be broken forever...

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    Over time, you'll heal and everything will make sense... eventually... I hope.

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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