21 Things You'll Recognize If You've Got A Bit Of A Tummy

    Sitting is harder than it looks.

    1. You swear over and over again that you'll work on getting rid of your tummy, but who's going to eat all those tacos and donuts if you don't.

    2. You say to yourself, "enough is enough, I'm going to start doing sit-ups every morning," but as soon as you try one, you want to die and you just end up cursing whoever invented such a stupid exercise.

    3. You try dieting and exercise about a week, but your tummy is still there. So, you decide to leave "being healthy" for another time.

    4. You don't know what your tummy looks like without red marks from your jeans.

    5. And you dread low-cut jeans ever coming back into style.

    6. Or mom jeans, since they make you look like you're wearing a diaper.

    7. Some days you look at yourself in the mirror and start to wonder if there's a chance you might be pregnant.

    8. When you wear something tight, and it keeps all your bits and bumps in, you think you look pretty good!

    9. You impulsively suck in your belly every time you walk past a mirror.

    10. But in the comfort of your own home, you never stop playing with it.

    11. You can't even remember what your belly button looks like.

    12. Which means you just need to wash it by instinct.

    13. Sometimes you forget where you are and find yourself touching your belly tenderly, even if other people are around.

    14. And there's nothing worse than going out on a hot day and every crease turns into a faucet for sweat.

    15. When you're bored, you sometime count your little rolls to see if you've grown any new ones.

    16. And if you have boobs, you've accepted the fact that they're going to touch your belly every time you bend over.

    17. When you sit down, you need to pull your pants ALL THE WAY UP to your chest.

    18. When you're in charge, your belly never makes an appearance in photos, but if someone snaps a photo of you without warning, it always comes out to say hi.

    19. You really identify with renaissance paintings.

    20. Your significant other thinks it's cute to pinch your love handles.

    21. But it's okay, cause you kinda like to do it too.

    This post was translated from Spanish.