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    99 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Life And The Lives Of Those Around You

    Because we all need a little love every now and then.

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    * Say "hi" to and chat with people who are serving you. It doesn't matter if it's the policeman at the subway entrance or the office cleaning lady.

    * Introduce yourself to your neighbors and offer to help them when they need it.

    * Send a thank you letter to your mom.

    * Say "I love you" to your dad.

    * Pay a compliment to someone you don't know.

    * Adopt a pet. If you can't, then take an afternoon walking dogs from a local shelter.

    * Pay for a coffee for the person behind you in line.

    * Or give someone money who needs it.

    * Open the door for someone behind you.

    * Let a car in when they're trying to get into your lane.

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    * Let your partner choose what to watch on TV.

    * Help someone move apartments.

    * Send actual handwritten letters to your friends in the mail.

    * Or send them a postcard from your next trip.

    * Volunteer for a project that grabs your attention.

    * Clear out your closet and give away the clothes you don't use any more.

    * If a friend of yours is sick or hurt, offer to go to the supermarket for them.

    * Write to that friend who you haven't spoken to in ages.

    * Find a good quality in that person who you can't stand.

    * Don't get annoyed (no matter how tempting it is).

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    * Once a week, bring some yummy treats in for your work colleagues. It could be donuts, coffee, chips — anything you want!

    * If you like your job, tell your boss. And thank them if you've learned something from them.

    * If it's going to be somebody's birthday, bake them a cake.

    * Give up your seat on public transport to someone that needs it.

    * Arrive at your appointments on time. Don't make other people wait for you.

    * Fill your partner's car up with gas (or your parents' car).

    * Give a really good tip without any regrets.

    * If you're going to take out the trash, check if you can donate or recycle anything in there first.

    * And then actually put the garbage in its proper place.

    * Cover the whole check.

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    * Say "good morning" to the people in the elevator with you.

    * Do the grocery shopping for an elderly neighbor.

    * Pay the fare for the person behind you on the bus.

    * Buy extra food and give it to someone in your neighborhood who doesn't have enough to eat.

    * Put your shopping cart where it's supposed to go.

    * If you come across an aggressive driver, let them pass without getting mad back.

    * Do you have a teacher who changed your life? Write to them and remind them.

    * Forgive a debt.

    * Say sorry without giving excuses.

    * Be friendly to telemarketers.

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    * Bring your mom flowers next time you visit her.

    * If you pass an expired parking meter, put a quarter in.

    * Don't interrupt people.

    * If you know someone who has just moved to your city, take them out.

    * Are you at a family dinner or brunch with friends? Put your cell phone away.

    * Every time you buy a new article of clothing, give away one that you don't use.

    * Don't waste food. Instead of letting them throw it out in a restaurant, ask for a doggy bag and give the leftovers to someone in the street.

    * Smile at a random person. Just because you can and you want to.

    * Forgive someone and really forget.

    * Make a list of songs for your best friend.

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    * Hug someone who you know needs one.

    * If you get a new pair of glasses, give the old ones away to someone else who can use them.

    * Recycle your batteries and electronics. They pollute a lot when they reach the landfill.

    * When you listen, really listen. Pay complete attention to that conversation.

    * Offer yourself as a babysitter to somebody close to you so that mom and dad can have a day off.

    * Always remind yourself that everybody is fighting their own battles. Give them a chance.

    * Write a list for your partner of their best qualities and give it to them.

    * Speak to that person at the office who you never speak to.

    * Write to your brothers or sisters to remind them how much you love them.

    * Make two sandwiches and give one away.

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    * Today, you're not using your car. Walk or use public transportation.

    * Say yes to the person who asks you to give to a cause.

    * Give the benefit of the doubt to that person.

    * Wash the dishes. Even though it's not your turn.

    * Offer a piece of chewing gum. Yes, everyone will want one, but you can buy more later.

    * Every day, before you go to sleep, think about at least one think that you're grateful for.

    * Make plans with the person you've been meaning to meet up with for months.

    * Give your time to a kids' hospital or an nursing home.

    * On Mother's Day or Father's Day, call someone who has lost their parents.

    * Write a message on a photo you really like of a person you love and give it to them.

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    * Think of someone who has changed your life and let them know how grateful you are.

    * If someone is gossiping about somebody else, stand up and give a positive comment about that person.

    * If you're good at something, become an amateur teacher in that field and teach somebody else.

    * Let a pedestrian pass.

    * Donate your organs.

    * If you see someone who's lost, offer to help them.

    * Plant a tree.

    * Be happy when someone tells you their good news.

    * When you go to somebody's house for the first time, compliment their decor.

    * Be patient when you come across a noisy baby on a plane.

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    * Buy yourself a lottery ticket and buy one for somebody else.

    * Leave a good book in a public place so somebody else can read it.

    * Don't buy bottled water. Use a reusable bottle.

    * Disconnect your electronic devices when you're not using them. You'll save power and help the environment.

    * Buy local. Why go to the supermarket when you can buy your fruit at the little store on the corner?

    * Complain less.

    * Say "I love you" to the person you love.

    * When you see a mom that needs help with her stroller, give her a hand!

    * If someone gives you excellent service, or has done something nice for you, tell their boss.

    * Smile more.

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    * If you can, give blood.

    * Take all the blankets you have tucked away in your closet and give them to a shelter.

    * Throw out any garbage you see in the street.

    * Share your umbrella on a rainy day.

    * Defend someone who needs it.

    * Say sorry to someone who you know you've hurt.

    * Learn the names of the people you see every day.

    * Be tolerant.

    * Keep your promises.

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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