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If You Did At Least 10 Of These 27 Things, You Were, Like, A Total "It Girl" In The 2000s

The decade of super-plucked eyebrows, clothes that looked like negligés, hip-huggers, etc.

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2. You wore Fedoras when you wanted to look elegant.

Scott Wintrow / Stringer

And you firmly believed that pairing it with velvet pants and Uggs was an acceptable outfit for any occasion. If it was good enough for Paris Hilton, it was good enough for you.

3. You ironed your hair WITH A CLOTHES IRON! And it seemed completely normal to you...

ellabelleza / Via

Same for giving yourself that perfect wet hair look by covering it in all the gel you could find in your house.

4. You prayed to the saints for a bracelet with the Tous teddy bear charm...

Tiffany / Via, thebagsmall / Via, Casio / Via

...or the heart necklace from Tiffany, or the rainbow bag from Louis Vuitton, or the pink Baby-G watch...


6. You felt a spiritual connection with The O.C.


You loved Seth or Ryan, and you felt like the series lost its way after the second season. It's the only reason you also watched Laguna Beach and its spinoffs.

7. In you closet there was no shortage of jean skirts, or flouncy skirts.


14. You endlessly watched movies like A Walk to Remember, Mean Girls, Coyote Ugly, Bring It On and 10 Things I Hate About You.

15. You either spent a lot of time on the tanning bed, or you covered yourself head-to-toe in fake tanning cream.

And if you chose the second option, you ended up staining your clothes and sheets for weeks.


17. You covered yourself in perfume like Ralph Lauren, Happy from Clinique or Blue Water from Davidoff.


This post was translated from Spanish.

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