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If You Did At Least 10 Of These 27 Things, You Were, Like, A Total "It Girl" In The 2000s

The decade of super-plucked eyebrows, clothes that looked like negligés, hip-huggers, etc.

1. You plucked your eyebrows so much that you could barely make them out as a faint line.

2. You wore Fedoras when you wanted to look elegant.

3. You ironed your hair WITH A CLOTHES IRON! And it seemed completely normal to you...

4. You prayed to the saints for a bracelet with the Tous teddy bear charm...

5. You had a favorite character from Sex and the City.

6. You felt a spiritual connection with The O.C.

7. In you closet there was no shortage of jean skirts, or flouncy skirts.

8. At one point, maybe you even dared to wear hip-hugger jeans, without thinking about how terribly uncomfortable they were.

9. You painted your hair with colored mascara that disappeared after the first wash.

10. You had all the gel pens that any one person could need.

11. You had an iPod full of music by Black Eyed Peas, Nelly Furtado, Ashanti, and Avril Lavigne.

12. You made sure your nails always had the perfect French manicure.

13. You had your hippy side, and you satisfied it with long boho skirts.

14. You endlessly watched movies like A Walk to Remember, Mean Girls, Coyote Ugly, Bring It On and 10 Things I Hate About You.

15. You either spent a lot of time on the tanning bed, or you covered yourself head-to-toe in fake tanning cream.

And if you chose the second option, you ended up staining your clothes and sheets for weeks.

16. You went to the beach and came back with one of these.

17. You covered yourself in perfume like Ralph Lauren, Happy from Clinique or Blue Water from Davidoff.

18. You wore a bra with transparent straps that turned yellow/gray after a few uses.

19. You wore glasses of all possible colors, but mostly pink and yellow.

20. You wore big, wide belts over all types of clothes. Even, regrettably, shirtless jean suits.

21. You had a considerable collection of narrow scarves that didn't keep you warm worth a damn, but looked really nice over pretty much everything you wore.

22. You wore headbands IN THE MIDDLE of your head.

23. You had thousands of colored bracelets.

24. But still, you made your own out safety pins. You could never have too many bracelets

25. You dreamed of having a twin.

26. You wore ponchos when you wanted to look elegant.

27. And you definitely had a shirt that easily could have been a negligé.

This post was translated from Spanish.

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