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21 Things You Can Do To Hate Everything A Little Bit Less

Not everything has to be so horrible all the time.

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Sometimes it's difficult not to hate the world.


The news is all bad, the politicians are all corrupt, and some people walk too slowly down the street in front of you. The bad news is that none of that is going to change anytime soon...


2. Learn to accept things.

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It's not about giving it, but about learning to accept who you are and the circumstances you've found yourself in. Once you accept things for what they are, you can start to change them from the inside.

3. Surround yourself with people that love you.

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Even though they can be fun or interesting, toxic people do more harm than good. Let those around you fill your life with love and good vibes. Associate with people who want nothing but the best for you.

4. And return the favor. Love your friends.

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It can be exhausting to stay on good terms with someone you're not interesting in maintaining a friendship with. You both may be better off if you let it go.


6. Write down what's bothering you.

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If you're having an awful day and it feels like everything is getting to you, write it all down on a piece of paper, then throw it in the trash. Just get it out of your head.

7. Try to wake up and go to sleep feeling grateful.

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Make it tangible. Write down something you're grateful for that day and save it. When you're feeling overwhelmed, read all the notes you wrote.

9. If you hate your job, quit!

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This one obviously depends on your circumstances, but there's nothing worse than waking up and going to a place you hate for several hours every day.


10. Be more empathetic.

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When you make up your mind about someone being horrible, try to think about their circumstances and the personal battles they fight every day, and try your best not to take it personally.

11. Let things go.

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If someone cuts you off on your way to work in the morning and makes you really upset, don't carry that anger around all day. Take a deep breath and let it go. It will make you feel better.

13. Go out and get some fresh air.

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Even if you don't believe it, getting outside can be really beneficial. If it's a sunny day, that's even better, because a little vitamin D can go a long way to making you feel better.


14. Identify the things that bother you the most and, if you can, avoid them.

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For instance, if you always find yourself getting irritated when you drive, figure out how to take public transportation, or ride your bike, or walk. The goal is to break negative habits and improve the situations that really get you down.

16. Get off the Internet.

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Being aware of everything that everyone is doing all the time just IS NOT HEALTHY. Give yourself a break from social networks and learn to appreciate your own life.

17. Stop feeding your ego.

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Tearing yourself down all the time is bad, but so is letting your head get too big. Take a moment to remember that you're not special from time to time, and accept that that's okay.


18. Learn to forgive ... yourself.

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Forgive others who hurt you, and you'll find a lot of peace, but also remember to forgive yourself and accept your errors. Let go of your mistakes, and you'll be a much happier person.

19. Every day, do something good for someone else, or for the world.

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The positivity you bring into the world will come back to you in some way, and you'll feel better instantly.

21. And if none of this works, ask for help!

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Not everything needs to be so gray and negative all the time. There are ways you can start to feel better, and talking to a therapist might be the best path for you. Or even just someone whose opinions you respect. You don't have to figure it out on your own.


This post was translated from Spanish.