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    25 Things You Can Do For A Healthier And Happier Relationship

    Little things that actually make all the difference.

    1. Turn off your cell phone.

    2. Don't forget to keep the romance alive and fresh.

    3. The details are super important.

    4. Reminisce together about moments that you've shared.

    5. Try going to sleep at the same time.

    6. Do activities that increase your adrenaline.

    7. Try new things — together!

    8. Have sex in different places.

    9. Touch him/her.

    10. Ask your partner things.

    11. Thank them.

    12. Focus on the present and on the future.

    13. Give your SO a nickname.

    14. Say something nice.

    15. When you feel anxious or stressed out, talk it over with your partner.

    16. Tell them a secret.

    17. Write things down.

    18. Make a playlist that has all your favorite songs on it and download it to your SO's cellphone.

    19. Text your SO to tell them that something you saw or heard reminded you of them.

    20. Or send them an old picture of a good memory.

    21. Take some time for you.

    22. Make your relationship a priority.

    23. Hold your SO's hand.

    24. Smile at one another.

    25. And say "I love you."

    This post was translated from Spanish.