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Meet The Man Who Can Cosplay As A Disney Princess Better Than You

He's 22, he's a dude, and he can do makeup better than anyone.

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Meet Richard Schaefer. He's a 22-year-old makeup artist, and he might be the best there is.

Schaefer is studying design in California and his talent for makeup is undeniable.

Oops! Sorry, Emma Watson — you've been fired. We're just going to have Richard Schaefer play Belle now.

Instagram: @theofficialariel

And there probably isn't a live-action Hunchback of Notre-Dame movie coming out soon, but there should be!

He makes the perfect Ariel, and a helluva Prince Eric too.

Instagram: @theofficialariel

Amy Adams is probably jealous of this Giselle.

Twentysomething from California, or ACTUALLY Merida from Brave?

And his Pocahontas is absolutely remarkable.

Instagram: @theofficialariel

All he needs to make fairy tales come to life is a wig, costumes, and makeup.

Instagram: @theofficialariel

And all you need to do to enter his world of fantasy is click follow! (It's right there, above the photo.)

Instagram: @theofficialariel

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