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Posted on Jun 23, 2017

27 Problems You Had If You Were A Girl In The 2000s

Ugh, where's my fake Louis Vuitton bag?

1. Few things ruined your day more than getting your Uggs wet.

Agv_White_Girl / Via Twitter: @Agv_White_Girl

2. Except for maybe when you wanted to put your hair up in perfect knots, but it was never long enough.

Touchstone Pictures

Not to mention the artfully loose strands in the front that you had to keep out of your face with a little gel.

3. And what about those times when you would step on the back of your long skirt and accidentally flash your butt.



4. It always sucked when a new Harry Potter book or movie was about to be released, and you could never figure out where you put your Hogwarts house scarf.

Kellzo / Via

5. Before you owned your own, you had to borrow neckties from your dad or brothers.

Scott Gries / Getty Images

And they didn't like the idea one bit.

6. And the only way you could afford one of these is if you bought a counterfeit.


7. If your friends or sisters weren't very good at ironing hair, you not only had burnt hair, but your room would smell awful.

Melissa Schmidt / Via

Not to mention the stray burn on your forehead from time to time.

8. It was devastating when your hand-knit poncho would get stuck on something and begin to unravel.

Disney Channel / Via

9. And for a while, you wore your Von Dutch trucker cap everywhere you went, and it started to really stink.

Von Dutch / Via

10. It always hurt when your crush logged into ICQ and didn't say hi.

TutorialsPoint / Via

Then you would change your status, or you would log out and then log back in just so they'd notice you.

11. It was devastating to not be able buy all the really great Spice Girls merchandise because it was only available in the UK.


You'll always be jealous of those girls that got to use Spice Girls deodorant.

12. School dances were ruined when you couldn't find a bun that matched the color of your hair.

sallybeauty / Via

13. You always wore a Livestrong bracelet, even though you never actually donated to Livestrong.

FreebieJulie / Via Twitter: @FreebieJulie

14. Sometimes you'd run out of colored rubber bands, so you couldn't "pimp" your braces until you saw the orthodontist.

Floor_Cardozo_ / Via Twitter: @Floor_Cardozo_

15. If your family ever went on vacation to the beach, you couldn't leave until you bought a puka shell necklace.


And maybe you even tried rocking that look, along with your braided hair, for a couple weeks after you got back home.

16. It was tough having a normal body in the era of the lowest cut jeans of all time.

Mark Mainz / Getty Images
: Mark Mainz / Staff

Any lower and your dad wouldn't let you leave the house.

17. And it was hell wearing one of these if it was warm outside.

MyStyleOptions / Via

You didn't know what it was to sweat until it was trapped under plastic.

18. Getting your hair tangled up in one of these hairbands always hurt like hell.

Miramax Films

19. Same with when one of these clip ripped out a bit of scalp.

Warner Bros

Stupid clip.

20. You probably once plucked a few too many eyebrows, and had to wait months for them to grow back in again.


Actually, likely more than once.

21. It always felt like such a waste when your French manicure started to peel.


And then you had to resort to Liquid Paper.

22. Your homemade safety pin bracelets felt like they were perfectly engineered to rip out all your arm hairs one by one.

fotosdemanualidades / Via

23. And it was a crisis when all your plaid shirts were in the wash.

Warner Music

"Now what do I wear?"

24. And do you remember how sad it was when your mood ring went missing or stopped working?


You had no way to know what mood you were in anymore.

25. Those ring watches were WAY too easy to lose.

julesb / Via

It's like they designed them to be easy to lose so you'd have to buy more.

26. It was always so annoying to find the perfect theme for your MySpace page.

dowitcherdesigns / Via

Or worse yet, the perfect song to autoplay when your page loaded.

27. But it was essentially the END OF THE WORLD when you couldn't find that one lace shirt that went with EVERYTHING.

beautytiptoday / Via


This post was translated from Spanish.

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