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    21 Cheap, Easy, And Cute Gift-Wrapping Ideas

    Up your holiday gift-giving game.

    1. Convert plain wrapping paper into something a little more festive using just some string and a few pine leaves.

    2. Use a cardboard box to make a gift bag purely out of paper.

    3. A piece of string and two knots is all you need to give the perfect gift.

    4. The empty box from your aluminum foil is perfect for those smaller gifts.

    5. Pro tip: go to the store and buy some double-sided tape. It will make your life exponentially easier when it comes time to wrap those presents.

    6. Do your wrapping on a flat surface so the wrapping paper doesn't get all wrinkly.

    7. Repurpose an old sweater to give your gifts that hot-chocolate-by-the-fireplace vibe.

    8. A paper lunch bag is cute, cheap, and easy to convert into a gift bag.

    9. Make a crossword puzzle with a special message or the name of the person you're giving the gift to, print it out, and wrap your gift up.

    10. If you're artistically-inclined, turn any white box into your canvas and make it a work of art.

    11. Black sharpie = your new best friend.

    12. Add a super-special detail, like a miniature Instagram photo, in place of a card.

    13. If you really have no other choice, take a potato chip bag, turn it inside out, wash it well, and tada!

    14. Those Pringles cans are good for more than just holding delicious chips.

    15. Or use them to hold your wrapping paper so that it doesn't get messed up.

    16. An empty toilet paper tube is much more useful than you ever imagined.

    17. What if this year you used black paper & chalk (or a white sharpie) to give character to your gifts?

    18. A little confetti makes for fun and unique wrapping.

    19. Toys can make the most interactive gift of all.

    20. If all else fails, use some newspaper, but make sure you use spruce it up with some chic accessories.

    21. And you can use the leftover scraps to personalize any gift and make it extra special.

    This post was translated from Spanish.