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    21 Cheap, Easy, And Cute Gift-Wrapping Ideas

    Up your holiday gift-giving game.

    1. Convert plain wrapping paper into something a little more festive using just some string and a few pine leaves.

    TheFourWalls / Via

    2. Use a cardboard box to make a gift bag purely out of paper.

    apieceofrainbow / Via

    Try using various boxes to make different shaped bags. Watch the complete tutorial here.

    3. A piece of string and two knots is all you need to give the perfect gift.

    buggyandbuddy / Via

    4. The empty box from your aluminum foil is perfect for those smaller gifts.

    auntpeaches / Via

    5. Pro tip: go to the store and buy some double-sided tape. It will make your life exponentially easier when it comes time to wrap those presents.

    myblissfulspace / Via

    6. Do your wrapping on a flat surface so the wrapping paper doesn't get all wrinkly.

    Aneese / Getty Images

    7. Repurpose an old sweater to give your gifts that hot-chocolate-by-the-fireplace vibe.

    confettistyle / Via

    8. A paper lunch bag is cute, cheap, and easy to convert into a gift bag.

    Rachel Hollis / Via

    9. Make a crossword puzzle with a special message or the name of the person you're giving the gift to, print it out, and wrap your gift up.

    notonthehighstreet / Via

    10. If you're artistically-inclined, turn any white box into your canvas and make it a work of art.

    mrprintables / Via

    And put a gift inside to make it a double prize!

    11. Black sharpie = your new best friend.

    homeisright / Via

    12. Add a super-special detail, like a miniature Instagram photo, in place of a card.

    Elsie Larson / Via

    13. If you really have no other choice, take a potato chip bag, turn it inside out, wash it well, and tada!

    earth911 / Via

    They'll never even know! Unless they turn the wrapping paper right-side-out...

    14. Those Pringles cans are good for more than just holding delicious chips.

    diyinspired / Via

    And you can tie up all the gifts to make Christmas morning more interactive and ~fun~.

    15. Or use them to hold your wrapping paper so that it doesn't get messed up.

    vorstellungvonschoen / Via

    16. An empty toilet paper tube is much more useful than you ever imagined.

    ThePinkDoorMat / Via

    Follow the instructions here.

    17. What if this year you used black paper & chalk (or a white sharpie) to give character to your gifts?

    goinghometoroost / Via

    18. A little confetti makes for fun and unique wrapping.

    crafthunter / Via

    19. Toys can make the most interactive gift of all.

    linesacross / Via

    20. If all else fails, use some newspaper, but make sure you use spruce it up with some chic accessories.

    libelle / Via

    That's sure to make it a winner!

    21. And you can use the leftover scraps to personalize any gift and make it extra special.

    manmadediy / Via

    Download the letter templates here.

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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