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24 Characteristics Typical Of All Cancers

If you were born between June 22 and July 22, this is for you.

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1. You can't deny that you're really sensitive.

Antonioguillem / Getty Images

Everything makes you cry, and you're not the best person at taking criticism, positive or negative.

2. In fact, you don't need anybody to criticize you. You criticize yourself enough as it is.

Kei_gokei / Getty Images

And that need that you have for constant affirmation can be a little bit annoying.


3. If it comes down to a choice of whether to go out and drink or stay at home, you'll ALWAYS choose your home sweet home.

Monkey Business Images Ltd / Getty Images

Maybe you'll make an exception for a birthday, a wedding, or something like that.

6. You don't at all enjoy being in public places with a lot of people.

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You prefer the quiet of your house or the peace of a familiar place with the people who you are closest to.



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