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16 Ways Bobby Pins Have Betrayed You

Socks disappear in the wash. Bobby pins disappear God knows where. C'est la vie.

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2. You bought a package with dozens of bobby pins in it, and then one day, they started disappearing...

amethyzts / Via Twitter: @amethyzts

You've bought more than 10,000 of these in your life. How many do you currently have left? Four.


9. You have to use dozens just to keep a single strand of hair in place.

Frazer Harrison / Staff

And God forbid you have to catch a plane. You've got so many pins in your hair, you'll never be able to get through the metal detectors.

12. And you had no idea that the correct way to put them in is actually (drumroll, please!):

ARIUMmx / Via Twitter: @ARIUMmx

And you curse yourself for all the time you spent being frustrated at these miraculous little contraptions for "not working."


This post was translated from Spanish.