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    16 Facts About "Bird Box" For Everyone Who's Still Just A Little Traumatized

    Blindfold yourself: light spoilers ahead.

    1. The first thing you should know about Netflix's latest thriller, Bird Box, is that it's based on the 2014 novel by Josh Malerman.

    Dark Regions Press

    2. During casting, Sandra Bullock apparently specifically asked Sarah Paulson to play the role of her sister.


    3. Remember: the two had recently co-starred together in Ocean's Eight last year.

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    4. The movie takes place in the northern part of California.


    In the movie, you hear mentions of nearby cities Sausalito, Sacramento and Santa Rosa. In the book, though, everything is set in Detroit.

    5. The river that Malorie has to cross with the children is the Smith River in county on the Oregon-California border.


    6. This will be the fifth time that actress Parminder Nagra has played the role of a doctor onscreen.


    She's also played doctor in ER , Alcatraz, Fortitude and the upcoming film, Five Feet Apart.

    7. Sarah Paulson, B.D. Wong, Danielle Macdonald and Rosa Salazar have all appeared in at least one season of American Horror Story .


    8. That song in the opening scene, where Malorie is painting, is "Coming Down," by the indie rock band Dum Dum Girls.

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    9. After the movie came out, doing the "Bird Box" Challenge became such a thing that Netflix had to issue an official statement to be careful:

    And here's an example of how one dog personally rocked the challenge:

    Twitter: @peebasaur

    10. The movie broke Netflix's most-watched content record, with more than 45 million active Netflix accounts watching the film over one week.

    Took off my blindfold this morning to discover that 45,037,125 Netflix accounts have already watched Bird Box — best first 7 days ever for a Netflix film!


    11. It wasn't all just acting — Sandra Bullock really was blindfolded when they shot all those scenes where she couldn't see what was going on...


    12. And apparently, she even ran into the camera a couple of times as a result.


    13. Earlier versions of the film were going to show what "the creatures" looked like, but the resulting effect ended up being sort of laughable and not scary.


    Sandra Bullock described it as "a green man with a horrible baby face".

    14. No one is honestly that sure what the movie means — and people are even arguing about whether the name "Bird Box" is a reference to the birds that kept Malorie safe or the final scene in the sanctuary.


    Could be both if you ask us??

    15. Also, we never do find out what happens to Lucy and Felix after they stole the car...


    Which kind of makes their fate extra mysterious and scary!

    16. Oh, and you should know that the ending of the book was a lot darker than the movie's ending.


    OBVIOUS SPOILER ALERT: So in the book, Malorie and the children do arrive at school, but there they discover that many of the survivors have actually blinded themselves so that they can live. Malorie chooses not to do so, thereby risking their lives...forever?

    This post was translated from Spanish.