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    17 Reasons Snapchat Is The Worst Thing To Happen To Humanity

    Snapchat: Forged in the very depths of hell.

    1. People on Snapchat don't even have any respect for baby Jesus!

    Andre Avila / Via Twitter: @iannhedz

    2. They couldn't care less if their snaps give you a heart attack.

    mrobot_ / Via Twitter: @mrobot_

    3. And they mix tenderness with horror in the most upsetting ways possible.

    needcaffeine / Via Twitter: @needcaffeine

    4. Snapchat's not even a very good app. Look at this abomination!

    EmilyWinsauer / Via Twitter: @EmilyWinsauer

    5. And if it encourages behavior like this, you know it can't be good.

    SnapOut2014 / Via Twitter: @SnapOut2014

    6. Subtle, terrifying apparitions like this can only be the work of the devil.

    wethepvblic / Via Twitter: @wethepvblic

    7. Who else has the power to bring inanimate objects to life besides Satan himself?

    FunnyFirehose / Via Twitter: @FunnyFirehose

    8. And who else encourages dogs to explore their sexuality?

    maureenszturm / Via Twitter: @maureenszturm

    9. Cats too.

    ibbbb / Via

    10. And, oh god, Fox News correspondents.

    From now on I am watching @oreillyfactor exclusively through @Snapchat filters

    11. The power of Christ compels you, devil Snapchat!

    humanlennon / Via Twitter: @humanlennon

    12. Or when your pet turns into Falcor from The Neverending Story, but even creepier.

    ashirwinish / Via Twitter: @ashirwinish

    13. Snapchat places nipples where they shouldn't be.

    TonyReimonenq / Via Twitter: @TonyReimonenq

    14. Snapchat makes you feel like somebody is watching you.

    abbywarden_ / Via Twitter: @abbywarden_

    15. Snapchat will even make you stop loving your own children if you use it enough.

    MamMinervini / Via Twitter: @MamMinervini

    16. Snapchat turns us all into animals.

    halelovatos / Via Twitter: @halelovatos

    17. The devil lives in our phones, and its name is Snapchat.

    DiganmeJasso / Via Twitter: @DiganmeJasso

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