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40 Experiences To Get Through Before 35

Say "Hi" to the new you.

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1. Live alone.

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Growing up with parents or mentors is great. Living with roommates and going out all night is also great. But nothing compares to spreading out and enjoying your own space in your own way, with just yourself to rely on.

2. Break someone's heart...

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It's not going to be something you enjoy doing, but sometimes we end up hurting others because we don't want the same things from life as they do. It sucks, but it's life.


7. Travel across the country.

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It's important to get to know your culture, your roots, and the people who make up the place where you come from. It will make you a more understanding and emotionally intelligent person.


8. But also, visit other countries and cultures.

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Traveling broadens your horizons, and makes you more receptive to other people and cultures that are totally different from your own. You'll also learn how to be more self-sufficient.

10. Really identify who your true friends are.

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It's okay to keep bad or problematic friends for a little while, but you'll reach a certain point where you'll realize who the real deals are, and who you can trust. Spend more time with those friends, and cut the shoddy ones loose.

11. And maybe lose someone you are close with in the process.

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It's going to hurt like hell, but if someone is toxic, it's best to let them go. Only keep people around if they really value your friendship.


12. Save.

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Living day to day can be exhilarating and it might make you feel free, but it's great to hold onto some savings to get through the tough times. Don't even worry about saving a lot right away. Just a few bucks every now and then will help.

14. Learn how to cook at least one meal.

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When you turn 35, you should have a couple of good meals in your repertoire. It doesn't have to be the most complex dish in the world, but it's good to know how to make a few things.


16. Devote yourself to something that fascinates you.

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And if you can manage it, get paid to do so. The satisfaction of doing what you love is more fulfilling than you ever imagined.


22. Step out of your comfort zone.

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It can be as small or as big as you want. Maybe it's something embarrassing, or daring, or even just something little that you never thought you'd do.


24. Find a good gynecologist who you're comfortable with, and visit them regularly.

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Hopefully you'll take your health seriously by the time you're 35, but just in case, don't forget to take proper care of yourself.

27. Put together a toolbox and learn how to use everything in it.

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It's freeing to be able to hang your own art, or change a lightbulb on your own, or to change a tire on your car without anyone's help.


35. Say goodbye to anything that brings you down.

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Whatever it is: a bad partner, a lousy friend, a city you hate, a job you don't love. By the time you're 35, fill your life with good vibes.


39. Stop criticizing your body.

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If there's something you don't like about yourself, and you have the power to change it, do it. If you can't, accept it and move on. Stop worrying about every little flaw.


This post was translated from Spanish.