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How To Self-Quarantine Like Keanu Reeves

If you’re alone during the COVID-19 crisis (or worse locked in the house with your family or annoying housemates 😳 ) finding ways to self-entertain will help you not loose your mind. Here are 11 ways to make the most of this experience.

6 Good Ways NOT To Sabotage Your Relationship 💔

Relationships are fertile ground for growth because they reveal our core wounds. (Ouch!) Without awareness of our patterns it's easy to sabotage partnerships unknowingly (and sometimes knowingly 🙄). Here are 6 tips from relationship experts to keep the love alive this Valentines Day.

How To Accomplish Anything In 2020

No topic was off limits at Kroger's Wellness Your Way Festival in Cincinnati. So I asked 14 wellness experts what's their personal mantra. The answers are your ultimate guide to accomplishing anything in the new year.

3 Ways To Cope With Trauma Like Ariana Grande

Ariana has been through some heavy stuff in her 26 years including a mass shooting at her concert in Manchester, the death of her boyfriend to an overdose and the dissolution of her engagement to name a few. Here are a few exemplary ways she's coping with it all that can help you too.