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    It's Finally The Weekend! Here Are 23 Online Sales You Can Shop 'Til You Drop

    Major sales on clothes, kitchen gadgets, and AirPods.

    Cheers to the freakin' weekend y'all! We have made it to the end of another work week and I, for one, think we all deserve a little treat. There are some epic deals from a bunch of retailers on this weekend, and we've found some of the best ones, so you wouldn't have to!

    1. 25% off your entire order (even stuff on clearance) from Old Navy so you can stock up on more workout gear or start refreshing your spring wardrobe. This stretchy jumpsuit will be your new fave pilates outfit, or you can grab this tiered swing dress that'll pair perfectly with your denim jacket once spring weather arrives.

    2. Up to 70% off Indigo's sale section if you want to stay cozy and have some fun with indoor activities while it's still freezing outside. This reversible foosball/air hockey table folds down for easy storage and this plush faux fur blanket will keep you extra toasty.

    3. Once again, lululemon has made too much, meaning you can get discounts on items that are currently trending, like the high-rise Groove pants and the TikTok-famous Align tank.

    4. Up to 60% off home goods from Simons that'll help you give your space a mini makeover. This duvet cover will look like a work of art on your bed and this 12-piece dinnerware set will finally replace your collection that's missing a few plates and bowls (whoops).

    5. 50% off almost everything at Pretty Little Thing so you can grab a whole new wardrobe for your tropical vaycay without breaking your budget. This sweat jumpsuit will keep you comfy on the flight, while a jersey maxi dress will be perfect for dinner and dancing.

    If you're a fan of fast shipping and instant gratification (me too) we've also rounded up some of the best deals from Amazon Canada, just for you!

    6. Up to 29% off a smart Fire TV so you can watch the big game next weekend in glorious 4K definition. You can add your favourite streaming apps to the home page, meaning you can switch between Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube with the touch of a button.

    the TV in front of a plain background

    7. 13% off a pair of Apple AirPods that'll allow you to listen to your favourite playlists or podcasts without getting tangled in a pesky cord. They’ll last up to six hours on a single charge, and they're water-resistant and sweat-proof, so you won't have to worry about frying them if you get caught in the rain on your run.

    a person wearing the AirPods in the rain

    8. Or 43% off a pair of Beats Studio3 over-ear wireless headphones if earbuds aren't for you. You can get up to 22 hours of play on a single charge and they'll block outside noise, so the only thing you'll be able to hear is your sweet, sweet jams.

    the headphones in front of a plain background

    9. 39% off a KitchenAid hand mixer that'll mix and whisk your ingredients in a flash. It has five speeds to effortlessly whip up everything from egg whites to thick batter, and the detachable pieces are dishwasher-safe, so you wont have to spend too much time scrubbing them by hand.

    the hand mixer standing up on a wooden countertop

    10. 25% off a tube of CoverGirl Clean Fresh Yummy Gloss that'll give your pout a deliciously juicy shine. It's infused with açai, goji, and black elderberries, as well as hyaluronic acid that'll keep your lips moisturized all day long — reviewers say it's a great ~dupe~ for the pricier Dior lip oil.

    a model holding up a tube of the gloss while pouting their lips

    11. 23% off a FitBit Inspire 3 fitness tracker that'll be your own 24/7 training buddy. It'll track your steps, workouts, heart rate, and sleep patterns, and you can use the app to look at your stats more in depth and connect with friends to compete in fun fitness challenges.

    the FitBit on a model's wrist

    12. 27% off an iRobot Roomba 694 vacuum that'll do your least favourite chore for you while you relax. You can schedule it to clean your floors as frequently as you want, so there won't be a buildup of dust, dirt, and pet hair hangin' around for too long.

    the vacuum cleaning the carpet in a living room around the legs of a table

    13. Up to 24% off a TUSHY bidet attachment that'll keep your booty happy and clean while you get down to business in the bathroom. It'll even help you save some money on toilet paper 😉.

    the bidet attachment on a toilet

    14. 15% off a universal power adaptor that you can use in every corner of the world. The switches on the side will pop out whatever plug you need, and it has three USB ports so you won't have to take turns charging your devices.

    the adapter plugged into a wall with different devices plugged into it

    15. Up to 24% off a cooling weighted blanket to help you decompress after a long day and prepare you for a deep, deep sleep. The quilted pockets will keep the teeny glass beads evenly distributed to give you the best rest possible.

    a person laying in bed with the weighted blanket over them

    16. 34% off a heated Shiatsu neck and shoulder massager that'll help tackle the aches and pains in the places your hands just can't reach. It has adjustable intensity and a bunch of kneading nodes that'll work out all of those kinks and knots with ease.

    a person sitting at a desk with the massager on

    17. Up to 29% off a three-tier rolling utility cart that'll give you a little more storage space wherever you need it. The wheels lock, meaning it won't roll away from you while you're in the middle of your next masterpiece or making dinner.

    the cart in a kitchen by a sink

    18. 31% off a Ring video doorbell if you want a little extra security at your front door. It has a teeny tiny camera in it, so you'll be able to see who comes knocking from the companion app on your phone (you'll also have the option to save video if something happens).

    a person ringing the doorbell

    19. And 21% off an Echo Show 8 that'll be the control centre for all of your smart home accessories. You can also use it to make video calls, listen to music and stream shows or movies.

    the device on a kitchen counter with a video call on the screen

    20. 21% off a Cuisinart mezzaluna chopper that'll help you swiftly slice and dice all of your produce. It has a non-slip silicone grip on the handle, and reviewers rave about how much faster they can chop with it thanks to the sharp rounded blade.

    21. Up to 48% off a wearable blanket hoodie that'll keep you extra cozy during winter movie nights. It's lined with a snuggle-inducing sherpa material and since your legs will be free as a bird, you won't overheat.

    a person wearing the hoodie on a couch

    22. Up to 50% off LED light strips that'll fill your room with a multicolour glow. You can choose between thousands of colour options and even save your own custom ones with the DIY button on the included remote.

    a house with different rooms lit up by different colours of the LED strips

    23. And finally, up to 42% off an insulated stainless steel water bottle that'll keep your aqua ice-cold and refreshing for hours. Since it's vacuum-insulated, it won't sweat all over the inside of your bag and it's lightweight, meaning it'll be a breeze for a kid to carry.

    a kid sipping from the bottle while at the park

    Happy shopping to all!

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