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    25 FYP-Worthy Gifts For The Person Who Spent Most Of 2022 Scrolling TikTok

    What to get the person who sends you 100 TikToks a day.

    1. A copy of Get TikTok Famous Fast that'll teach them how to become the clock app's next superstar. It's full of tips and tricks from some of the platform's biggest creators that'll tell them everything when it comes to going viral.

    the book on top of a textured surface

    2. A white acrylic slipmat for their record player that'll not only improve the sound quality of their LPs, but it'll also make the coloured vinyl in their collection ~POP~ as they spin on their turntable.

    A before and after showing a coloured vinyl on a turntable brighter with a white slip mat underneath

    3. And a pack of wood record shelves so they can display their favourite albums like the works of art that they are. They'll be able to slide records in and out with ease, so they can switch up the display whenever they feel like it.

    the shelves on a wall over a chair displaying different records

    4. A lululemon Align tank that'll become their new favourite top to practice in. It's made of a soft, weightless material made for low-impact activities (like yoga or pilates), which means it'll be so comfy, they'll probably want to nama-stay in it forever.

    5. A TikTok-famous sliding puzzle game that'll give their brain a serious workout. The goal is to get the big red square to the designated spot at the bottom by sliding all of the pieces around. And the pieces are magnetic, so they won't fly all over the place if the game gets heated.

    A child playing with the sliding puzzle game

    6. A back stretching device for your ASMR-obsessed pal who can listen to satisfying body cracking sounds on their FYP for hours. It's lined by acupressure points that'll add even more tingles down their spine while they stretch.

    a person using the stretcher on their back

    7. A game of We're Not Really Strangers that'll break the ice for honest conversation with their partner or BFF. They can spend a few hours answering the prompts to get to know their fave people on a whole new level and build closer connections in the process.

    A person holding the cards up above a table

    8. A Hiccaway straw for the person who always gets hiccups at the worst possible times. The pressure from sucking the water up the straw helps banish them in seconds, so they won't have to hold their breath, drink water upside down, or eat a spoonful of sugar to get rid of them ever again.

    A child sipping on water through the straw

    9. A suction phone mount that'll allow them to stick it to a flat surface (no stand required). They'll be able to suction it to a mirror while they follow a makeup tutorial, or to a window so they can film their own viral dance routines.

    the phone with the suction mount on the back of it

    10. A Revlon one-step hair dryer that’ll make it easy for them to achieve the voluminous hairdo of a ’90s supermodel with one hand. Reviewers love that it cuts drying and styling time in half.

    11. A Dash mini waffle maker that they can use to finally tackle all those drool-worthy recipes they DM you. They can also get adventurous with it and press cookie dough, hash browns, or even cheese waffles when they want to go off-book.

    The waffle maker open revealing a cooked waffle inside beside strawberries

    12. And a copy of As Cooked On TikTok because they're always talking about that new dinner recipe they saw on their FYP. It has all of the viral dishes people have been drooling over, from cloud bread to butter chicken pasta.

    The front cover of the book in front of a plain background

    13. A tube of 3-in-1 Tarte lip balm that'll give their pout that trending high-shine finish. It's an ultra-glossy balm that'll double as a hydrating treatment, so their lips will be blessed with some sweet, sweet moisture while they're wearing it.

    Bianca holding up the plumping gloss and plain gloss against a checkered floor

    14. A wireless scrolling device so they can flick through their FYP without having to hold their phone. It has buttons to move through videos, add likes, pause, and control the volume, so they can stay snug under their blanket during their pre-snooze ritual.

    the clicker and the charging case in front of a plain background

    15. A reusable pet hair remover for the friend who is always complaining about picking their pet's hair off their outfit and furniture. They can simply dump the fur out when it gets full and it'll be ready to roll the next time their couch or coat looks like it's covered in a fur blanket.

    A person using the hair remover on a couch cushion

    16. A roll of LED strip lights that'll fill their room with a multi-coloured glow that they can switch up to match whatever the vibe of the day is. They can even make and save their own custom colours with the included remote.

    The outside of Bianca's closet which is glowing from the LED lights inside

    17. Or a sunset lamp that'll give a similar visual effect, without the setup of strip lights. They can change the colour of the light with the touch of a button, so they'll never get bored of how it looks.

    the sunset lamp pointing at a wall

    18. A tub of Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore clay mask that’ll draw oil out of their pores, leaving them with a fresh complexion. It’s packed with finely-milled volcanic stone that’ll absorb gunk, while gently exfoliating their skin during the rinse-off process.

    19. A copy of Wreck This Journal that'll encourage them go against their instincts and crack the spine, bend the pages, and totally destroy a book. If gratitude diaries and bullet notebooks aren't for them, but they've been wanting to try their hand at journalling, this might be ✨the one✨.

    The front cover of the book

    20. A pair of exfoliating mitts that'll level up the weekly self-care spa days they're always talking about. The coarse material will help them effortlessly buff away dead skin in the shower and leave them with smooth results that'll be a cinch to maintain.

    a person using the mitt on their leg

    21. A pair of UGG Tasman clog slippers that TikTok has been obsessed with for months. They'll keep your pal's tootsies snug and they're also great to slip on whenever they have to grab deliveries on their porch or quickly take out the trash (as long as the ground is relatively dry, OFC).

    a person wearing the slippers while sitting on a chair outside

    22. A skincare fridge to store all of their masks and serums for a seriously refreshing twist to their daily routine. It can also warm things up with the flip of a switch (I'm thinking warm towels for their next DIY facial).

    23. A frog bucket hat that any amphibian fanatic will get a kick out of. It'll keep the sun out of their eyes and off their face and reviewers say the mesh lining keeps their head from getting too hot while they wear it.

    The frog hats all laying on a bed

    24. A trio of jumbo hair clips that'll effortlessly give them the Y2K updo of their dreams. Reviewers say that the clips even hold up thick tresses with ease and that they're great for clipping up strands while they're straightening or curling their mane.

    25. A sherpa mini tote for a seasonal spin on their favourite shoulder accessory. It comes with a strap, so they can wear it as a crossbody bag if they wanna go hands-free instead.

    The sherpa totes all on a block in front of a plain background

    26. And finally, a rechargeable lighter if their disposable ones always seem to be empty when they want to light their favourite candle. Its flexible neck can tilt it in any direction, so they'll be able to reach wicks without burning their fingers.

    The lighter plugged into a laptop on a wooden table next to a plant

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