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    I Tried 19 Beauty Products From TikTok To See If They Live Up To The Hype

    I scrolled, I was influenced, and I found out that a lot of the products on TikTok are actually worth your hard-earned cash.

    1. A set of NYX false lashes that'll make your peepers look *amaze* (and like you spent a lot of money getting lash extensions). They have an ultra-thin band that'll feel super comfortable to wear for long periods of time and they also come with a lil' case you can store them in between wears.

    2. A tub of cooling moisturizer that'll treat your skin to a boost of hydration while giving it a refreshing chill. It'll work at room temp as a moisturizer, or you can pop it in the freezer for a few hours to turn it into a slushy consistency that'll feel oh-so-good on sun-kissed skin.

    3. A bottle of NYX setting spray to help your makeup slay all day long. It's infused with aloe and cucumber extracts to calm and hydrate your skin, or you can also use it to prime your face and refresh it while you're out.

    Bianca holding up the bottle of setting spray

    4. A gentle Cerave facial cleanser that'll wash away dirt, excess oil, and any leftover makeup, without stripping healthy moisture from your face. It’s fragrance-free and has hyaluronic acid and niacinamide that’ll keep your skin hydrated and irritation at bay.

    Bianca's hand holding up a bottle of the CeraVe cleanser against a plain wall

    5. A NYX eyebrow pen that'll fill in any bare spots while giving your brows a lifted look that's all the rage on Instagram and TikTok. It has a super-fine tip, meaning you can draw on realistic-looking hairs with a few quick flicks.

    Bianca holding the eyebrow pen up to her face

    6. A bottle of Glow Recipe watermelon serum that'll give your face a dewy (and non-greasy) finish. The niacinamide in it will help even out hyperpigmentation, while giving you a subtle shine on bare skin or under makeup.

    Bianca holding up the bottle of the watermelon serum against a plain wall

    7. A tub of E.l.f putty blush that'll add a touch of colour to your cheeks. It's buildable, so you can choose between a soft pinch of pigment or a bold pop of colour.

    Bianca holding up the blush with a swatch on her hand in front of a plant

    8. A tube of 3-in-1 Tarte lip balm that'll give your pout that trending high-shine finish. It's an ultra-glossy balm that doubles as a hydrating treatment, so your lips will be blessed with some sweet, sweet moisture while you're wearing it.

    Bianca holding up the plumping gloss and plain gloss against a wall

    9. A bottle L'Oréal heat-protectant hair mist to save your mane from scorching temps and breakage caused by heat styling. It'll also help fight humidity and tame frizzy flyaways — bonus!

    Bianca holding up the heat spray in a bedroom

    10. A set of pimple patches that'll suck the life out of blemishes within hours. The hydrocolloid in them will draw all of the gunk out of your skin and flatten zits, so they'll be easier to cover with makeup.

    11. A Maybelline lip gloss that'll make your kisser look extra juicy, while keeping it hydrated throughout the day. The oversized applicator will let you coat your lips in a single swipe, giving you the perfect amount of product every time.

    Bianca putting the lipgloss on her lips

    12. A bottle of Neutrogena serum that'll drench your skin in moisture, while smoothing out any uneven texture. It comes with a handy dropper that makes it nearly impossible to use too much product.

    Bianca holding up a bottle of the serum with a sample of it on the outside of her hand

    13. And a tub of Neutrogena gel cream that'll bless your face with extra moisture after the serum soaks in. It's fragrance-free and packed with hyaluronic acid, leaving your skin feeling healthy and looking luminous.

    Bianca holding up a face cream with a dollop of it on her hand

    14. A tube of Clinique's cult-fave Black Honey lipstick to give your lips a subtle berry hue without going overboard with pigment. It's buildable, so you can layer it on for a perfect light makeup ~lewk~.

    15. A L'Oréal foundation powder if you want a bit of coverage that still looks really natural. It's lightweight and breathable, meaning you won't feel like your face is being weighed down by product and has a matte finish which will help keep shine to a minimum.

    A before and after shot of Bianca's face showing how the powder covered redness

    16. A tube of Rare Beauty liquid blush that'll make your cheeks look like you just talked to your middle school crush. The buildable formula is great for a subtle glow or a bolder look if that's your vibe.

    Bianca holding up a tube of the liquid blush with a swatch of it on the outside of her hand

    17. A tub of Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore clay mask that’ll draw oil out of your pores, leaving you with a fresh complexion. It’s packed with finely-milled volcanic stone that’ll absorb gunk, while gently exfoliating your skin during the rinse-off process.

    18. A dual-ended tube of NYX matte lipstick and gloss for anyone who can't choose between the long wear of matte formulas and the shine of a gloss. The lipstick is transfer-proof, so you won't need to worry about it melting and smudging around your mouth.

    19. And finally, a skincare fridge to store all of your masks and serums for a seriously refreshing twist to your daily routine. It can also warm things up with the flip of a switch (I'm thinking warm towels for your next DIY facial).

    Me when I try something off TikTok and all of the stuff actually works:

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