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    24 Things From Amazon Canada You’re Going To Truly, Honestly, Love

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    1. A belt bag for anyone who is constantly on the go and can't be bothered with a full-sized bag. Reviewers say it's a near perfect dupe of the super popular (and always sold out) belt bag everybody is wearing right now.

    The belt bag opened against a plain background

    2. A six-foot long light-up charging cable that'll glow when your phone is plugged in. Now you won't have to fumble in the dark to find your charger (or your phone) at night.

    the light up charger on a table in a room lit up in the dark

    3. A frog bucket hat that any amphibian fanatic will get a kick out of. It'll keep the sun out of your eyes and off your face while you lounge outside and reviewers say the mesh lining keeps their head from getting too hot while they wear it.

    The frog hats all laying on a bed

    4. An electric gooseneck kettle so you can finally replace the one that's been in your cupboard for ages. It has a narrow spout that’ll make it easy to pour into cups of tea or over coffee grounds (with minimal mess).

    the kettle surrounded by coffee beans and mugs on a wooden table

    5. And an animal-shaped glass that'll look adorable on your Instagram grid. It's double-walled, so you won't have to worry about burning your hands on a piping-hot cup of coffee.

    A person putting ice in the bear shaped cup filled with coffee

    6. A pack of Korean exfoliating washcloths if your skin could use a little extra TLC with seriously minimal effort. It'll buff away dead skin to leave you with smooth results that'll be easy to maintain.

    Alice wearing one of the washcloths on her hand

    7. A giant game of Sorry! if you and your pals love a game tournament, but can't bear another round of corn hole. Everybody can get competitive and since the pieces are so big, you won't have to worry about them going missing.

    a family playing with the giant game on their deck

    8. A glasses chain so you can keep your sunnies within reach instead of cramming them into your overstuffed bag. Plus, it totally goes with the whole coastal grandma vibe that's currently trending.

    A person with a glasses chain connected to their sunglasses

    9. A glass foot file that'll gently remove all the dead skin that's been collecting on your tootsies. Reviewers say it’ll even file down thick, stubborn calluses, leaving you with silky-smooth feet.

    A person using the foot file on their heel

    10. A chilled bowl to keep your scoop of cookie dough ice cream from turning into soup before you finish it (just remember to pop it in the freezer before dessert!). It has a silicone ring around the bottom that'll keep your hands from freezing.

    A person holding the bowl full of ice cream

    11. A purse hook so you can keep your bag off the floor when you go out for dinner. Now you won't have to hang your stuff on the back of your chair or leave it to take up space on the table where more bread should be.

    A hook holding up a bag in a public bathroom

    12. An adorable jumbo unicorn sprinkler if you don't have a pool, but still wanna turn your yard into a waterpark to cool down. Get ready to enjoy the suspense of waiting for it to go off and shower you in a refreshing mist.

    kids playing with the sprinkler in the grass

    13. And a set of soft reusable water balls if you want to have some fun with a good ol' fashion water balloon fight, but dread the cleanup. They'll reabsorb water a flash, so you won't miss out on any of the fun when you run out of ammo.

    14. A rechargeable LED egg lamp that'll change colour and brightness with the touch of your hand. You can dim the light all the way down to a subtle glow, making it a perfect night light for a little one.

    A baby sleeping next to the lamp

    15. A pair of anti-slip AirPod hooks that'll keep your Bluetooth buds from slipping out on your run or while you're lounging by the pool. Reviewers say they're comfortable and that they even keep their earbuds secure while they're in downward dog.

    a person putting their airpod into a hook

    16. A wearable blanket hoodie for anyone who needs both a sweater and a blanket for maximum coziness. It's lined with a snuggle-inducing sherpa material and since your legs will be free as a bird, you won't overheat.

    A person wearing the hoodie blanket on a couch

    17. A set of wheel lights that'll turn your bike into a rolling party. Not only will they make cycling at night more fun, but they'll also boost your safety since everybody will be able to see where you're pedaling (no matter how dark it is).

    the lights on a wheel of a bike

    18. A lil' stand mixer timer that'll tick down from an hour, helping you stay on track with work deadlines and saving you from burning your chicken dinner (again).

    The timer next to a computer on a desk

    19. A table with a hidden cooler to keep your drinks cold while you soak up the sun. It won't take up as much space as a clunky camping cooler and will blend right in with your patio decor.

    the table with drinks inside beside a pool

    20. A stick-on shelf so you can keep all of your bedtime necessities within reach. It's perfect for anyone moving into a dorm room or to keep all your essentials in if you don’t have the space for a nightstand.

    the cubby on the wall next to a bed

    21. A Game Boy-inspired Apple Watch stand that'll make your timepiece look adorably retro as it juices up. The cord will feed through the rubber stand, so your bedside table won’t get cluttered up with wires.

    A person sliding their watch into the stand

    22. A set of reusable ice cubes that'll keep your beveragino chilled on hot days without watering it down. Everybody can have their own colour, meaning drinks won't get mixed up at your next backyard bash.

    the reusable ice cubes on a plain dark background

    23. A vintage-inspired scrapbooking kit that'll add some old-timey flair to your planner or junk journal. Decorate your pages with stickers, washi tape, and dried flowers the next time you're looking for a relaxing activity you can pick up whenever.

    A journal opened to a page decorated with the materials while it is surrounded by more of the kit

    24. And finally, a cooling blanket that'll keep you feeling cool 'n' comfy on hot nights. It's lightweight, making it perfect if you're a frequent night sweater who refuses to sleep without a blanket (it me).

    The blanket on top of a bed

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