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    20 Products That Are So Pretty, You'll Want To Add Them To Your Cart Immediately

    Floral claw clips, a heart-shaped mirror, a pink stand mixer, and more.

    1. A pack of 2-in-1 ballpoint pens that'll have you taking notes in style. The tube of crystals at the top will glitter and glisten in the light, and it has a stylus on the back you can use on your smartphone and tablet.

    all of the pens lined up on a notebook

    2. A half-circle storage box to hold everything from your jewellery to your office supplies. It's a functional piece of decor that nobody will suspect is hiding a bit of clutter.

    the storage box with beauty supplies in it on a wooden table

    3. A botanical duvet cover that'll breathe fresh life into your sleep setup. It's covered in minimalist illustrations of different plants, and the monochromatic design won't clash with the neutral colour scheme you've already got going on in your place.

    the duvet cover on a bed in a bedroom

    4. A set of gemstone hair pins that'll make your 'do shimmer and shine. Popping a few in your go-to style is an easy way to spice it up for fancy occasions, and since they're covered with fabric, they won't snag on your strands.

    the hair pins against a plain background

    5. A sachet of flamingo hot chocolate that'll warm you from the inside out. The white drink mix will turn bubblegum pink when it's mixed with milk or water, transforming it into the most aesthetically-pleasing cup of cocoa ever.

    two glass mugs of the cocoa on a table surrounded by mini marshmallows

    6. And a pair of glass mugs so you can show off your gorgeous drink on the 'gram. Since they're double-walled, you won't burn your hands when you pick 'em up.

    the pair of mugs with tea in them on a wooden plank

    7. A nostalgia candle that'll remind you of a special memory every time you take a sniff. Each scent ranges from subtle and warm to bright and floral that you'll want to burn for hours while you wind down and relax.

    the candles in front of a vase of flowers by a window

    8. A selenite crystal lamp that'll add a little bit of ambient lighting to your desk or living space. It comes with a dimmer switch, so you can set it to your ideal level of brightness.

    the lamp on a table in front of a tapestry

    9. A ~handy~ jewellery holder that'll artfully hold your daintiest pieces and chunkiest chains when you're not wearing them. It's painted with a floral design, so it'll look great on its own as decor in your home, too.

    the hand with jewellery on it on a vanity

    10. A colourful Dash stand mixer that’ll effortlessly blend ingredients in minutes. It'll do the hard work for you, so you won't have to put in tons of elbow grease making a triple batch of your famous chocolate chip cookies.

    the stand mixer on a counter surrounded by ingredients

    11. A heart-shaped bookmark that'll hold your place in your novel until you can come back to it. The faux-leather material will grip the pages, so it won't slip out.

    the bookmark on the corner of the book

    12. A set of watercolour peony wall decals that'll transform a plain wall into a work of art (no painting skills necessary). They're removable and won't leave any sticky residue behind, meaning you can play around with the pattern before committing to a design.

    the decals on a wall behind a chair

    13. A rose gold wall clock that'll look downright elegant hanging on your wall. It's battery-powered, and it has a silent motor that won't make an annoying ticking sound 24/7.

    the clock next to a bowl of strawberries and flowers

    14. A pastel Five-Minute Journal for anybody who vowed to practice more mindfulness in 2023. The prompts are short and only take a few minutes to fill out, so you'll easily be able to fit it into your busy daily routine.

    the journal with a floral pen on top of a bed

    15. A petite boho storage basket that'll hold all of your odds and ends. It'll fit a good amount of stuff while still being small enough to sit on a bookshelf or counter without taking up too much valuable space.

    the basket on a book shelf

    16. A heart-shaped mirror that'll add extra cuteness to your vanity. It'll light up to give you a better look at your visage, and the tray base will be great for storing your hair accessories and other random bits and bobs.

    the mirror in front of a bright background

    17. A trio of framed art prints that you can hang up right out of the box. The leafy designs feature pops of baby pink and magenta that'll look awesome in your living room or above your bed.

    the three frames on a wall above a table

    18. A pack of floral claw clips that'll give your perfectly messy updos a cute lil' upgrade. They're strong enough to keep thicker manes in place, and the matte material will keep tresses from slipping out while you're movin' and groovin'.

    the claw clips on a table beside a magazine and a basket

    19. A glass carafe set for anybody who's always thirsty. You can keep it beside your bed and pour a glass whenever you're feeling particularly parched, plus it'll look way cuter on your bedside table than your water bottle.

    the glass carafe set in front of a plain background

    20. And finally, an electric lighter etched with your star sign that'll never run out of juice. It's rechargeable, so you won't have to run to the store to grab a new one once the spark no longer ignites.

    a hand holding the electric lighter up in front of a plain background

    You surrounded by all of your beautiful new things:

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